Thursday, May 2, 2013

House of Lungula

Chichi (Sarah Hassan)
"House of Lungula" is a Sexy Kenyan Comedy touching on the sexual habits of Kenyans. Based on many true stories...

Coming soon to a bedroom near you!

Starring: Ian Mbugua, Lizz Njagah, Gerald Langiri, Sarah Hassan, Nice Githinji, Lenana Kariba, Gitau Ngogoyo, Sheila Kwamboka, Helena Waithera, Diana Nekoye, Lydia Gitachu, Auma Njagah, Natassa Papadaki and guest appearances by Chura and Alex Konstantaras.

Song performed by NI SISI BAND

Filmed by John Wambugu

Directed by Alex Konstantaras

Sound by Naftali Wambugu



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This one comedy was banned for being too revealing

Kenyan host said...

Kenyans need to become more liberal. Others countries do not mind mild sexual activity in movies

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Evangelina ready said...

ha-ha, Actually i think this video is about how foreigners imagine kenyan relationship. But seriosly, kenyan are able to love faithfully. Here is an excellent example

Людмила Сагайдачна said...

I think it's true that this film is based on real stories. Just look what happened in the life of this girl when she was forced to cancel the wedding
Don't you think that this situation could be the plot for the film? But the genre depends on director's skill and creative design, will it be a comedy or a drama.

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Esther said...

well, well, well... i'm sure it started showing. I just haven't caught it yet

sirako said...

Haven't seen it yet

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