Monday, August 6, 2012

Do the Kemboi dance #TeamKenya #KemboiDance

Let's do the Kemboi dance
The Kemboi Dance
Kemboi broke into a dance in celebration after crossing the 3000m steeplechase line in London.

The Kemboi dance


Why Not Kenya said...

Kemboi knows how to celebrate. I think "kemboi dance" should be protected. It is a Kenyan invasion of some kind.

stapelstuhl said...

That's great dancing! I think Kenyan culture is most famous for their dance life! Thanks for sharing the video.

dennis brown said...

This guy really makes me laugh,thank you for making our country shine,check books on amazing world sports at that are amazing.

Free International Dating said...

Brand Kenya. Proud of you.

Web host Kenya said...

Kenyan athletes are the best. Really love you guys

ProstoShelMimo said...

Some revalations from Isaac Mwaura:
Not shure if he's telling the truth, after all he is a politician