Monday, July 30, 2012

Miss Nobody

Patricia Kihoro
"Miss Nobody" is a new Scenarios from Africa film crafted by Hot Sun of Kibera, Nairobi and starring Kenyan singing sensation Patricia Kihoro.

The story: Mr. Wallace has grown rich "by eating AIDS money like a famished crocodile". He thinks that he's untouchable and that a group of young people who are trying to shine a spotlight on his corrupt ways are nothing but "a bunch of nobodies". Wallace is about to learn that, in today's social-media world, the Nobodies have power, too.

Based on original ideas by Patrick Bongole, age 21, Uganda; Miss Mounifa Bodi, age 19, Togo; and Miss Samkelisiwe Simelane, age 23, Swaziland.

Scenarios from Africa brings together the creative genius of young people, the expertise of a uniquely multidisciplinary team and the magic of cinema to inspire open dialog and action on HIV/AIDS and related social issues. Celebrating its 15th birthday this year, Scenarios from Africa is a positive-minded, partnership-based process. Scenarios from Africa empowers young people to play a central role in efforts to stop the spread of HIV and to improve the lives of those most directly affected by the epidemic.


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