Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kenyan schoolgirls in miniskirts

Miniskirts are very easy to move around in
Kenyan Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo last week indicated that school girls would be allowed to wear mini-skirts. He was arguing schoolgirls are not nuns.

This came after an incident where Rwathia Girls’ Secondary School went on strike demanding shorter skirts.

The Minister said that the reaction was a manifestation that the education sector was still being governed by outdated rules and regulations: “I am in total agreement with them (students). Why do you dress a schoolgirl like a nun? These girls do not want to be nuns; they want to be modern like Mutula!” said Kilonzo. Kilonzo said that his Ministry was in the process of changing the Education Act that has been in force since 1968.

Bishops and Muslim leaders have now accused the Minister of promoting immorality, and are urging parents and teachers to ignore the call to allow miniskirts in schools.

I am with Kilonzo on this one. The production of miniskirts requires less fabric than the production of boring lengthy skirts, hence school uniforms will become cheaper. This brings down the cost of education and will enable more girls to go to school. Educate a girl, and you educate a nation.
And yes, there are some added benefits: miniskirts are convenient, fun, cute and very easy to move around in.

Meanwhile, schoolgirls in Rwanda have been banned from treating their hair with chemicals. The City of Kigali and State Minister Mathias Harebamungu have said that the practice must be abolished. I don't support this move. I would like to propose a ban on wigs and weaves instead. I hate wigs and weaves: they are often ugly, old and smelly. Enough said.


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Project ya Mutula. Very great leader with an open mind

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Long live Mutula Kilonzo. He deserves a monument for his efforts

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