Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yes, you can stare

Researchers found that nearly half – 47 per cent – of men first glance at a woman’s chest. A third of the so-called ‘first fixations’ are on the waist and hips, while fewer than 20 per cent look at the face.

Not only are breasts often the first thing men look at, they also glance at them for longer than any other body part.

While men spend longer than women observing a woman's boobies, women spend much longer looking at a wedding ring on a woman's finger.

But WHY do we men find it so hard to avoid staring at a girl’s breasts? Why can’t we avoid taking a little inevitable sneak peek? This video offers the explanation. I will need to rehearse this guy's speech for myself, I may need it from time to time.



Anonymous said...

Thank you rafiki, finally an excellent excuse to look at God's gift to men.

DIDI said...

lol You 1000% on Point Rafiki!

Kenya online forum said...

Nice article. Love your blog Rafiki

6Point_9 said...

Interesting movie how she was able to take all that,now am sure her hair isn't dyed

Людмила Сагайдачна said...

Funny movie! But as for Kenyan men I found sad information about why they would have problems soon looking at the opposite sex without their consent: How could it be? What do you think is it a serious sexual offence to look to woman's breast?