Monday, January 16, 2012

Hitler's Google - Mocality rant

Kenyan social media fanatics - as well as traditional local and international media - have really enjoyed the Google-Mocality story so far.

I am not going to add my two cents on the story here, since I think they could have just sorted out the issue between the two of them.

I just wanted to share Hitler's thoughts on this.

Subtitled parodies of Adolf Hitler's last days in the Berlin bunker, as depicted in the 2004 Second World War film Downfall, have become one of the web's most enduring memes.

The Nazi dictator's rants have proved their remarkable versatility in hundreds of spoof clips, from sporting rages to economic polemics to video game reviews.


Kenyan Online Forum said...

I really love your posts. Your blog is very informative

Cheap Flights said...

I find it really funny and somewhat amazing. Hitler loves google by now is he is alive.LOL

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