Friday, November 4, 2011

Why some tourists better stay out of Kenya

Picture from a Mombasa travel report
Apparently, the Kenyan tourism industry is being hit by some recent insecurity developments in the region. Well, I wouldn't mind if a particular breed of tourists would stay out of Kenya. I have already shown you earlier how some tourists discuss the qualities of our Kenyan girls.

And today I am revealing that Major Grubert is promoting his Kenya travel reports through some "innocent" videos on YouTube. Major Grubert provides tips for men looking for enjoyment: tips about codes of behaviour and warnings for “rip-offs”, about prices and hotel suggestions through to the appropriate addresses and links with further information. Such information cannot be found in any travel guide. The reports are not simply travel guides for single men, they provide information for all those who have always wanted to know how things function – to simply have the best looking girls when on holiday, at the best destinations for single men. And yes, Kenya is featured prominently in his travel reports. Have a look at the YouTube video below, just showing Mombasa's nightlife. And then do as I did: call all your family and friends and tell them to keep their girls out of Mombasa at night.

Grubert in Kenya: Mombasa Town and the beaches is a double CD with video, covering bars and discos, nightlife, girls, action...
Report: Including more than 1,200 photos from all walks of life. Information, tips, tricks, prices. Detailed sex guide with everything that should be included.
  • The outbound journey and safety tips. 
  • Out and about in Mombasa. 
  • Town hotels and prices. 
  • Nightlife in and outside of the town. 
  • A detailed introduction to the Tembo Disco, Casablanca Club, and Casuarina Bar. 
  • Various Kenyan girls and what they are like. 
  • Numerous photo sessions with the most talented of girls. 
  • A visit to the more southerly beaches: Likoni, Shelly, Tiwi, and the Diani Beach. 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the hotel facilities. 
  • Out and about in the car. 
  • Nyali, Bamburi Beach, sun, and sea. Beach Hotels. 
  • Numerous tips – exchanging money and “plastic cash“, shopping, mobile phone, naïve or just a butterfly?, inoculations and health, hotels etc. 
  • Out and about in Mtwapa. 
  • Prices and how to deal with the girls. 
  • Means of transport in Mombasa - Taxi or Matatu. 
  • Beach life. 
  • Eating in Kenya – what, where, and what it costs. 
  • The beau ideal of the Kenyan girls. 
  • A threesome with Grubert’s nurse and her girlfriend. 
  • How and where the girls live. 
  • Snares and stumbling stones. 
  • What to avoid. 
All richly pictured with numerous specials about the various topics.

Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful girls. Why can't we just keep it like that without Kenya becoming a sex tourism destination? Or is this really what our girls want?


Ghafla!Guy said...

the icing to the cake of a rotten society!

DIDI said...

I guess all this can be blamed on 1 thing & 1 thing only..poor infrastructural development which means more people are below the 3 square meal line,which is another reason they embrace the tourist who exploit and give them tokens..

Njeri said...

DIDI, can we really blame poverty for all this mess? We are not that poor, some countries in Europe are poorer than us nowadays, they have a lot of debt. Kenya is rich, but we have to learn how to manage our resources (and our girls) much more wisely.

DIDI said...

Well you have a point there Njeri but talking about managing resources,do you think it can be done with the rate at which corruption is eating into the system??

Lalique said...

Happy to visit here
from Turkey friend

come to promote your blog

One Somali Dudes Take On Things said...

So now you Kenyans are into the sex business ha..What a national disaster...Where is your honor..Where is your dignity...I have completely decimated your filthy countrymen in my latest entry at my said...

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Bob said...

I agree that some are turning the page on how kenya is viewed out there as a destination. It is worrying to say the least:Bamburi Beach Cottages and Villas

esie said...

This is all bullcrap you came for sex tourism in kenya,n thts what you got, this happens evrywhere and i wonder if the innocent girl in the video knows if she was used to make a 'documentary' you only found what yo looked for,Kenya is beautifulll

Anonymous said...

Plaza - A recipe for a bad disaster.

Anonymous said...

As a Kenyan woman this is a disgrace.Major Grubert or what ever your name is STAY AWAY FROM KENYA!!!!!