Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why Kenyans do it better

Kenyans do it better
In my post earlier this month, I explained why some tourists better stay out of Kenya. Today, I would like to show you an example of the kind of tourists we would like to have more of in Kenya.

Alexander Oswald, a Head of Marketing at Nokia, travelled to Kenya with his family. The driver on their safari showed him how we are working with mobile solutions in Kenya in our daily lives, including mobile payments and text-based information systems in agriculture and education. He then shared his positive experiences in Kenya at TEDxAustria. You can watch the video of his talk below.

The video got a lot of views on YouTube and very positive comments over the past few days. It is actually great marketing for Kenyan tourism and Kenyan businesses.

Alexander is very happy about the amazing feedback on his TEDxAustria talk and curious to see where this is going to develop. He is pleased that the video is touching the heart and pride of people in Kenya.

Alexander is a very kind man with his heart in the right place. He has been thanking people on a individual basis through Twitter and collectively on YouTube.


I would love to know who his safari driver was - the driver should be honoured as a great marketer of Kenya. And Alexander, please come back to Kenya soon. Our government should waive visa fees for families such as yours (and prevent the entry of tourists such as Jamjam222). Karibuni tena!

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Because for me Kenyan girls are much more hospitable than any other nations.