Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are you going to get some on this date?

Free hugs, but what about sex?
Yes or No?
Valentines Day is only about 3 weeks away. Shoes did it for me last year, and the Cry Baby was fun two years ago.

This year, I may just go on a date.

So you managed to get a date? But you are not a lady killer like myself? And you are just wondering whether or not the date is going to lead to you having sex?

Well, Holy Taco has created a very handy flowchart "Are You Going to Have Sex on This Date?" to help you determine whether or not your going to have sex at the end of your date. Try it out!

Will those days soon be gone?


Tamaku said...

Not to be pervy but chic in blue tee has a lovely rack....

Maua said...

..and a free hug but no maua

My Hajj Journey said...

Sir, I have surfed through your blog and I was wondering why do are you so facinated with sexuallity.

This is absolutely pathetic that you have to portray us Africans in such animilistic image.

I happen to be a Somali and im disgusted by your blog.

Do you not realize that there is more into life then sex. Get over it. Only animals and the feeble minded are obsessed with sex.

Btw, you are allowed to visit my blog so that you can learn one or more things from me, since you are Kenyan, you sure need to learn Something from a Somalian...myhajj.blogspot.com

Papa G said...

Y sex of all the things.Sex is meant to wrap up the feelings btwn 2 lovers but not to intimidate the other partner.It comes naturally since its a feeling that should not be exploited if true love is not present.Sex without solid love can haunt you for the rest of your life.