Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#KCPE2010 : Kenyan topic trending on Twitter globally

Virginia Wira (right) and Elizabeth Auma
preparing for KCPE in 2009
(Photo by Liz Muthoni, Daily Nation)
Earlier this year, our Miss Twitter Kenya contest already showed the popularity of Twitter with Kenyans. And today, a Kenyan topic was trending on Twitter. #KCPE2010 was actually listed in the top 3 of Trending Topics on Twitter globally for a few hours today.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations kicked off countrywide today and Kenyans on Twitter were attempting to make guesses on the questions that have been designed to mould our "leaders of tomorrow".

(Note for non-Kenyans: The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is a certificate awarded to students after completing primary education in Kenya. KCPE results are extremely important in Kenya, as it determines the secondary school the student will be accepted into.)

Most of the #KCPE2010 tweets are really quite hilarious! Here's a very incomplete sample:
@letiank: #KCPE2010 If I dropped a Vitz in the grass how would I find it? a) Use a magnet b) Cut grass c) Forget it you'll catch another one
@alfredmutua: #kcpe2010 My nephew asked me which of the following is not a planet a) Jupiter b) Pluto c) Neptune d) @JimmyKibaki's head
@Njemah: #KCPE2010 Discuss the role of football in the recent vuvuzela concerts held in South Africa
@gitts: #kcpe2010 Excuse I wasn't copying just RT-ing my neighbour's answer!
@gummybear254: #kcpe2010 Science: Calculate the tension between Karooocy and Wambui
@gummybear254: #kcpe2010 What does Yash Pal Ghai's daughter call him? (2mks) ----> Ghai Fafa
@gummybear254: #kcpe2010 What do you get when you're hit by a Vitz? A mosquito bite.
@gummybear254: #kcpe2010 Name 2 types of chicken-----> Kenchic, Akuku Danger
@muraguri: #kcpe2010 #ghc Sketch the map to your house. Not applicable if you stay on Thika Rd!!
@nyawizzy: #kcpe2010 CRE: Who is a traitor? A. Judas; B. Kalonzo; C. Kalembe; D. All of the above.
And we had a nice Twitpic by @smusyoka on how to curb cheating during KCPE examinations:

#KCPE2010 How to curb cheating *deadandburied*

The Trending Topic was started by @ki_bet through this tweet, and we thank him for making our day! Also have a look at this funny report from the Artful Dodger.

What's your favorite tweet from #KCPE2010? Please leave your comments!