Friday, October 8, 2010

The Witch Doctor

When a Kenyan man discovers he is HIV positive, he turns to a traditional healer for help. But what advice will the witch doctor dispense? This light-hearted film has an important message about the relationship between modern medicine and folk treatments.

Have you ever gone to a witch doctor? I regularly see one. He is from Tanzania and he is always so much fun. I just go for the fun of it, I don't believe in it at all. I have even taken friends from abroad to the same doctor, and we always have a good laugh afterwards. It is relatively cheap and excellent entertainment!


Digzer said...

Mganga jeuri kutoka Dar es salaam?! Salale! Never been and never will be ... I think I'd get spooked out so I'll stay with the tried & tested!

Kenya army blogspot said...

Av never visited a witch doctor. You meant mchawi ama mganga

Anonymous said...

This should be nominated for some award or something. I like it alot!