Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kenya: the most advanced tech environment in the world

Sarah Lacy
Mocality is Africa's largest business directory in the making. Mocality has been streamlined for both web and mobile and can be viewed on almost all phones. Over 60,000 businesses have been listed already and plenty of traffic is now heading their way. Mocality is now available in Nairobi and is coming soon to other local cities.

As a business owner, you get free SMS, a contact list, a free mobile website and a free mobile business card.

But the good news is that you can actually become a Mocality agent and earn money! Their current payment structure is as follows:
a. For adding a business: Ksh 5/- (read: top-up card)
b. When your business gets verified: Ksh 25/- (read: soda)
c. When you verify another business: Ksh 30/- (read: matatu fare)
d. When you add a photo of the business to a listing or verification: Ksh 50/- (read: tea and mandazi)

Sarah Lacy - who is currently obsessed with Kenya and by extension in love with Rafiki Kenya - and Paul Carr recently interviewed Mocality's CEO Stefan Magdalinski for TechCrunchTV about the Kenyan and African tech scene. Among other things Stef says "Kenya is in a lot of ways the most advanced mobile phone and tech environment I have come across in the world". Do you agree? Is Kenya the place to be in terms of tech and mobile? Here's the interview:

And in other good news: Sarah is planning a trip to Kenya! I would be happy to be her guide of course.


Anonymous said...

Kenya is in East Africa and not Central Africa!

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