Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kenyans approve new constitution - time for Kenya 2.0

Kenyans are now embracing Kenya 2.0
Kenyans have today approved a new constitution in a landmark referendum vote. Thank you, fellow Kenyans! And welcome to Kenya 2.0! This new constitution - which is probably one of the best in Africa, if not the best - is redefining Kenya and is indeed a very historic moment signalling a new dawn for East Africa's most vibrant economy. The wind of change has blown through our country, and we should all be ready to contribute to the building of a great nation, creating an example for Africa, and becoming an important and respected player in the world. This time for Africa, our time for change has come. We have been hungry for change for decades and now we are ready to believe again. I have traveled across Kenya and have made many trips abroad, and I have seen what Kenya is and I strongly believe in what this country can be. That is the Kenya I see and the Kenya I hope all of us can see. It is up to all of us to realize this vision of development and prosperity for this great nation, with respect for peace, for our environment, for justice and for human rights. Today is probably the most crucial turning point in Kenyan history since independence in 1963, so let's all be proud that we have the privilege of being part of it.

The change we seek will of course still require some kind of struggle, a lot of effort, and sometimes even sacrifices we may not always feel comfortable with. But this is a battle in our own hearts, souls and minds about what kind of country we want, and how hard we are willing to work for it. It will not necessarily be easy, and change will still take time; there may be setbacks and false starts and sometimes we'll make mistakes.

But today we have nothing but hope for Kenya, because we know there are people all across this great nation who are ready for this change and willing to take up the challenges; there are people all across the country who are very committed to making this work. Today we are happy, because the young people of this country have been given a unique chance to break from the past and to build a Kenya which will be a better place for all of us and for many generations to come.

Kenya 2.0 is our new Kenya. Kenya 2.0 is a Kenya that embraces new technologies for a fairer society and for better lifes; it is a nation where all Kenyans are enabled to contribute to development on a equal basis. Kenya 2.0 is a Kenya that is free from dictators, corruption, fraud, tribalism and violence. It is a Kenya where innovations can thrive, where ideas are nourished. It is is a Kenya which is attractive to investors from within Africa and from overseas.

Welcome to Kenya 2.0!


Anonymous said...

Wow Rafiki, the results have not been officially declared yet... But anyway, you have said it really well, and I would say: Rafiki for President!

N.G. said...

Rafiki dude, you are hilarious! Did you see the last line the girl wrote on that blackboard?

Anyway, may God bless Kenya!!!

Joliea said...

"Hot men like Rafiki"

Now thats just biased.

Kenya 2.0 is free from bias, no?

Esther said...

Joliea, is that statement really biased? Anyone who would disagree with such a statement? Am happy to be part of Kenya 2.0, especially if it includes that last line. Let's all think positively now!

Anonymous said...

From TWITTER...KENYA 2.0 is incompatible with old software from 1920- 1960.It needs an update of generational change to work properly

DAL said...

Sarebbe auspicabile che i Sindaci di ogni distretto territoriale si adoperino per pianificare insieme una adeguata, verde e moderna strategia per l'utilizzo, anche in chiave energetica, dei rifiuti.
I risparmi sugli sperperi sanitari potrebbero essere utilizzati per investimenti su progetti nel settore con ulteriori risparmi per i cittadini sulle tasse per la raccolta e lo smaltimento dei rifiuti.
Siamo nel terzo millennio e possiamo prendere esempio da altre realta' che hanno realizzato o hanno in corso di realizzazione progetti nel campo, sostenibili e lungimiranti.
Vantaggi e posti di lavoro ai cittadini dei Comuni che indicheranno propri territori per l'insediamento dei moderni impianti. Con superamento delle lobbies di chi atualmente specula e corrompe con i proventi della raccolta dei rifiuti.
P.S. Greetings and thank you to kenyan people especially Masai People.