Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Take a walk on the wild side in Kenya with Kim Jagtiani

Kim Jagtiani French-kissing a giraffe in Nairobi
Get acquainted with Kim Jagtiani and the ten best things that Kenya has to offer. Kim Jagtiani is an Indian Canadian television personality who hosts TV programmes, including regular appearances on Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada up to September 2008. She is also a VJ and is considered to be a household name in India. Jagtiani won Miss India Canada in 1999, and has modelled for Seventeen and Cosmopolitan. Dancing and performing is her passion. She was one of 50 semi-finalists for The Best Job In The World. Some of Kim's future plans include theatre and movies. But for now, she is promoting Kenya, with the 10 hottest things to do here. Have a look at the video below. Have you done some or all of these 10 things to do in Kenya? Is the list complete? What is missing apart from a night out with Rafiki? Is Kenya indeed Africa in microcosm?


nuttycow said...

Couldn't see all of it (am at work) but from the bits I caught:

elephants - yes
giraffes - yes
nairobi museum - yes
coast - yes
carnivore - yes

What did I miss? Kitengela glass and their ilk? The Mara? Train down to Mombasa? Rift Valley? Er...

savvy said...

Video is 21 minutes long! Looks interesting though...lemme keep watching

Rafiki said...

@ nuttycow: Wow, you have done a lot! Wildebeest migration? Yes or no?

@ savvy: Enjoy your 21 minutes!

nuttycow said...

Migration - yes

(you forget Rafiki, I used to live in Kenya!)

coldtusker said...

Lucky giraffe!