Monday, June 28, 2010

Philip Onyancha on the bench with Jeff Koinange - and @nanciellah's endless legs

@nanciellah posted a very funny TweetPhoto about the self-confessed serial killer Philip Onyancha on the bench with K24's Chief Reporter Jeff Koinange, and she was so kind to give me permission to share the fun with you on Kenya's most entertaining blog.

Jeff Koinange and Philip Onyancha

Since @nanciellah has been so kind to me, let me also be friendly with her, and post her lovely Twitter avatar picture here. If you like her picture, you may also love her funny and interesting tweets, so please follow her now on Twitter. If you're interested in fashion, she also has a great blog called The Fashion Notebook.


She claims to be a simple girl and an aspiring fashion stylist, designer and editor in love with fashion, the trends and all the good things it brings... Your comments please!?!?!


Nancie said...

I'll be the first to Have made my night:) you've cracked me up!

savvy said...

Kenya's most entertaining blog? :-)

Nancie got these endless legs am so jealous of!!

willpress said...

Actually, I discovered Nancie in the afternoon today (yesterday?) when crawling the blogosphere for artsy female bloggers for my hashtag #UnidentifiedBloggingObject, ntamwona kando theres someone I'd like her to meet...

Joliea said...

LOL! As savvykenya says ati what? :D

And enyweee gosh aki hizo miguu! wololo!