Monday, June 7, 2010

One-on-one with @Queen_Lucky, Miss Twitter Kenya 2010

@Queen_Lucky, Miss Twitter Kenya 2010
@RafikiKenya: Let me start by congratulating you again on being voted the first ever Miss Twitter Kenya. I found the competition to be a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed it too. What were your first feelings when you learned that you won?
@Queen_Lucky: First off, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this competition! It introduced me to so many other Kenyans on Twitter to whom I thought never existed. I believed the Kenyan Twitter community was very small; I was shown otherwise. When I found out I won I was speechless, I couldn't believe it. I had checked the scores in the late evening and I was 150 behind. I had given up, so when I found out I had won, I was euphoric!!! Started celebrating immediately!

Rafiki: When did you join Twitter and why?
Lucky: I joined Twitter about a year and a half ago. As much as I love Facebook, it was getting full and I was out looking for the newest social network. Even though it took sometime to grow on me. I loved the concept from the beginning limited characters to type, very open, organized, minimal applications to clutter my notifications to my email. The more I tweeted, the funner it became. Also the idea of receiving newsfeeds from local news channels and international made it twice the fun.

@Queen_Lucky smiling
Rafiki: What do you mostly tweet about?
Lucky: I mainly tweet about my life, the things I'm doing, my future endeavours, the people in my life... besides it says there before you tweet "whats on your mind", so I blurt out immediately! You will find me tweeting about topical issues as well when I find them relevant to my 1,800 followers and feel like we can relate and discuss.

Rafiki: Who's your best friend and your worst enemy on Twitter?
Lucky: Best friend on twitter... This is a tough one. There really isn't one. I will name my top 5 of course besides you (@RafikiKenya) @jeddylicious @crystalachieng @luckywandish @queenkazi @mmirinima Worst enemy... I actually do not have one! I am a friendly person, making enemies is very difficult for me.

Rafiki: How do you see the Kenyan Twitterverse evolving in the near future?
Lucky: Twitter is not being exploited to the full here in Kenya. It is great for advertising as I found out during my last event "Naija Nite". Although many have not caught on with its numerous advantages I believe in the future many people will join and cease the opportunity to market themselves or their business; or even just be themselves and have fun doing it.

Rafiki: Apart from tweeting, what do you do?
Lucky: I am the Head of Marketing and Advertising of a financial solutions service company in Nairobi. Along with that I am a student at USIU majoring in International Relations and a minor in Japanese and Marketing.

Rafiki: Your profile picture attracted a lot of attention during the Miss Twitter Kenya competition, for several reasons I guess. Are you sure your boobies are for real?
Lucky: OMG! Cannot believe you asked this. Yes, my breasts are 100% real! And I don't know why else it would attract attention... I found the picture very wholesome and simple however to others they saw the contrary.

Rafiki: And at a certain point in the Miss Twitter Kenya competition, you wanted to change your profile picture. Why?
Lucky: Haha. Too many comments regarding my breasts. I was not uncomfortable with the comments... I just didn't want people voting for me for the wrong reasons and I have a beautiful smile and eyes and none of that was captured in my profile picture for the competition. So I wanted to change, but then I realized it would spark too many questions so I declined.

@Queen_Lucky, Miss Twitter Kenya 2010
Rafiki: Which good cause would you like to take up during your reign as Miss Twitter Kenya?
Lucky: I am still thinking about it, but I would like to do something to empower young people through debate and engage them in critical thinking. I am the Chairperson of the Kenya Debate Team, so I feel I may have something to offer in that area.

Rafiki: Among other things, you won a night for two at the luxurious Tribe Hotel in Nairobi. Who will your King Lucky at Tribe Hotel?
Lucky: This may disappoint a lot of people... but there will be NO King. I am actually going with my sister Jeddy. She was my campaign manager through out the competition and if I wanna have optimum fun there is no one else to share the experience with.

Rafiki: Thanks for your time, your tweets and your smile.
Lucky: ...awww... well THANK YOU for being the genius behind such a great idea! Looking forward to proving a difference and making a change in atleast one persons life.


Fay said...

Congratulations Lucky. Love it that you keep it real.. Sambaza me some boobage? :-P

Queen_Lucky said...

Fay! Thanks a lot! Real 100% and send your package details. Boobage coming your way. lol

Older Ladies Nest said...

Congrats Queen Lucky. Uko juu tu sana waaa!

cdohnio said...

Congratulations, dear! Do our country proud!

Joliea said...

I am proud of her!!

Great race that was :)

gossip girl said...
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