Friday, June 25, 2010

All naked and nude, stripped to the bone, X-rayted

Whenever I am featuring beautiful girls like Janet Mbugua, Diondra Bridges, @Queen_Lucky or Anne Kiguta on this fabulous blog, I get heaps of requests to show more of these girls by actually showing less.

Showing less? Well, this is not a porn site, so I have something else for you. Today we are going all naked and nude. Today our girls are baring it all. They are stripped to the bone. The “EIZO: Pin-up Calendar 2010” is really particular. This pin-up calendar offers you more than the usual integral nude: X-rayted girls literally! Eizo is a brand of medical supplies and their campaign is just awesome. The German advertising agency Butter put together the sexy calendar to promote Eizo's high-precision displays for medical imaging. Quite original. EIZO explains: “Whereas craftsmen are showered with pin-up-calendars at the end of every year, this kind of present is less popular among medics. EIZO breaks this taboo. This pin-up calendar shows absolutely every detail.

How do you rate this calendar? Is it over the top? Is this actually sexy? Or is it cold? Does it offer less opportunities for Photoshopping boring pin-ups? Would you like to feature on such a calendar for Kenya?

One reader on Ads of the World commented: "Someone at EZIO should suggest the model have a spinal check-up as her lumbar spine is hypomobile and it appears there is some anterior spur formation between L5-S1. She would be appreciative in being able to handle things before they become symptomatic." What's your take on this?


Queen_Lucky said...

Wow. Thanks for including my name. hehe. Really love your blog!


Anonymous said...

mmmmh...i hope you dont expect us to believe that this is your work...i have seen these pics on the net before...wish your article had more substance...

Rafiki said...

@Queen_Lucky: You are welcome, as always.

@Anonymous: What the hell! I clearly mention and link to the source. Are you actually literate?