Friday, May 21, 2010

Announcing the first ever Miss Twitter Kenya contest

Twitter has found its way into Kenya's bedrooms as well
Today I am announcing the first ever Miss Twitter Kenya contest. Am not sure if something similar has already been organized in other countries before, so I have no clear rules or regulations yet. I am basically accepting nominations for girls to become Miss Twitter Kenya. Candidates should have quite interesting tweets, a rather beautiful profile picture, and an acceptable number of followers.

Let me start by introducing you to the candidates who have been nominated so far:

@Joliea: Kinda crazy, unique girl, living in Nairobi, and on fire about human rights. And best of all... extremely open-minded. Follow her, and get to know her!

She's in very good shape, because she takes fruits for lunch and she oversleeps. She has managed to produce about 7,000 tweets about a diverse range of topics, and she is being followed by more than 400 equally diverse tweeps. She also joined the ever-evolving Kenyan blogosphere in March 2010, and she manages to update her blog regularly with interesting posts.

@Queen_Lucky: Fabulous, Fierce, Fun, Fiesty, Fearless, Flawless, Funny, Fine and Fantastic!

Her tweets are always fun to read. She seems to be a party animal. I thought she was Nigerian, but she claims to be Kenyan. She has heaps of followers. She is always full of herself, and she nominated herself for this contest. Am not very sure if those boobies are for real, but maybe ask her yourself if you really need to know. Me, I am just focusing on her soft lips. Focus, dudes, focus!

@luki_baby: Fun and fierce!

Well, I don't know this lovely gal very well yet, but she was nominated by @kenyaizm, so I guess she could be hot. She has a few hundreds of followers, and her smile is irresistible. She doesn't need your warmth at night, as she sleeps under a duvet.

@nbad_kitty: Kenyan metal head into photography, 17th-19th century English poetry, horrors, vampires, Marily Monroe and her guilty pleasure reality shows.

She is always updating us about the latest happenings at Kenyatta University and related businesses. Her blog is brand new and is already getting popular in the Kenyan e-space. She seems to be into SM from time to time. I like her one naked shoulder.

@Bevealry: She loves her friends and family, she loves to be happy, loves to play, loves to party, loves to sleep, and loves Kenya.

Look at her hair! It almost takes your attention away from her well designed cleavage. Her tweets always bring us some new perspectives and dimensions, and she rarely retweets others.

@nina_lush: She officially grew up, and she is not tolerating stupidity anymore!

I hope it is clear which girl we are talking about. She seems to be hardworking and trying to keep her tweets interesting. Her smile can make anyone happy. And her tweets are always very kind as well.

@HalimaMurunga: She is this vivacious, swanking babe out to take over the world.

Wait, what does she have on her forehead? Nevermind, her tweets are short and to-the-point and she has just crossed the 100 followers mark. Watch her space!

@ilovemesum: The coolest person you will ever meet! Creativity defines her being...

She doesn't have that many tweets yet, but she definitely is a girl to watch in the near future in the Kenyan Tweetspace. I love her glowing skin and hearty face expression.

@Nyamorabu: She's the lady in the place with style and grace who loves science. She says there is a science to everything so there you have it.

She has more than 7,000 tweets and still counting. She really would like to know what the prize of this contest will be. Is her lovely curly hair for real? She is a very intelligent daughter of Kenya with ambitions and plans to become a medical doctor.

@SonnieSoNice: Motivated, girlie girl but loves sports (Boston fanatic). Loves Jesus and loves writing... in the process of leaving a legacy!

She's among the coolest Kenyan girls in the diaspora. Her curves are in the right places. She claims New York City is so small. If you know her, you will have noticed she's a major shoeaholic - which is fine with me, I also started to love ladies shoes after Valentines 2010.

@FayBabyN: She's a mother's daughter.

She says Kenyans are drunks. You could fly to the moon by just looking at her earrings. She enjoys sex most when the song Romping Shop by Vybz Kartel and Spice is on. She a blogger's best pal and a notorious gin drinker.

@caseylush: She's a socialite, way above your average! What you see is what you get! Casey case!

She has clocked about 4,000 tweets, some of them actually quite interesting. She always has some good advice for her fellow tweeps. Her cheeks seem to be waiting for a soft kiss, and I won't mention her lips. Where did she get those earrings from?

I have created the #MissTwitKE hashtag for this contest, which will make it easier for you guys to follow all the happenings. I have not opened the voting process yet, since I am still accepting more nominations. UPDATE: I HAVE NOW OPENED THE VOTING IN THE SIDEBAR ON THE RIGHT OF THIS BLOG. Suggestions for what prize to give away to the winner of this prestigious contest are also still very much welcome.


Mountainous said...

How do we vote for the gal in the picture up there with the white laptop?

Rafiki said...

@ mountainous: LOLEST! It's not just a white laptop, it's a Mac. And she's in a special category out of this competition, you can't vote for her, and you can't have her.

Rafiki said...

@ Mountainous: But ask @coldtusker, he may have more details about her.

Anonymous said...

Lolest!! Yes gal with laptop... Lukibaby na Sonnie are beautiful gals! kwani how is this lucky gal wining? cant even see her face?? Na Twitter yake ame photoshop! 419-er huyo!

caleb said...

@Luki_baby... that's all am saying!

Anonymous said...

this bullshit manze its true who ever said kenyans always fear thinking str8t all we think of is money,pussy,and weed and btw hao mapeche wote wame chapa look for sexy mamaz it might help..........

Anonymous said...

heeelllloooooo atlast

Beverley Vodoskie said...


Beverley Vodoskie said...

Beverley vodoskie for ur information is also @Bevearly

Beverley Vodoskie said...

Good night ya'll.a n early eveninf from me.Bad flu ;-(

Mountainous said...

OK Macbook it is!
Will still vote for her!

Beverley Vodoskie said...

Godd morning twittles..Bevearly says heeyyyy

Beverley Vodoskie said...

Hope ya'll are still voing

Anonymous said...

@retardedanonymous, your a fool!!!! why would you say lucky is a 419er... if anything its you, plus this competition is not only about looks, research before you decide to open your retarded dirty mouth!!! besides, try put your picture and see if you can even get 10 votes!!!! your pathetic and i pity you and anyone who associates with you!!!! loser forever!!

Anonymous said...

Epic waste of time

Joliea said...


joliea said...


Banderson said...

Wow this is really cool - I have a question for the girls:

Which of you have seen MTV Drama Shuga - and what impact do you think it has had on HIV awareness in Kenya?

Also who would feel comfortable blogging about the topics covered in the show

mmwire said...

When does voting close, lets ask them questions for 5% of the score..

mmwire said...

I'm sorry I meant 'a' question for 5% of the score, you the paegents..

Mburu Kamau said...

I'm envious. Can I vote for all these girls.... (whispering) with the hope of getting one into my heart?!!!!