Sunday, March 7, 2010

My predictions for the Oscars tonight

Gabourey Sidibe
Although I love the Césars more than the Oscars, here are my predictions for tonight's Oscar ceremony:
  • Best Picture: The Hurt Locker (yes indeed, beating Avatar, and Avatar can get Best Director with James Cameron)
  • Best Lead Actor: Jeff Bridges (for his role of a lifetime in Crazy Heart)
  • Best Lead Actress: Kenyans with a taste for real women support Gabourey Sidibe's nomination (for her role in Precious), but I think Sandra Bullock (America's sweetheart playing a strong mom in The Blind Side) may still turn out to be the winner tonight.
What do you think? Could I be right or am I completely wrong with these bets?


Normzo said...

sidibe. . I dont think she will win. my money is on the sandra woman. But lets see what happens. I have always lost money in such ventures.har!

coldtusker said...

Say what you will... but GS more than a little on the plus plus plus side?

She should be on The Biggest Loser pronto. Or hire a personal trainer & dietician. Just way too fat, fat, fat... aka obese!

coldtusker said...

What the heck does she weigh?

Anonymous said...

wow, all correct! How did you know, Rafiki? Are you one of the judges?

Mountainous said...

spot on :-)

Ερμής said...

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KK said...


Should I call u up when I become a betting man?