Monday, March 22, 2010

The Moipei Quartet - Kenya's musical angels

The Moipei Quartet
Well, you may already know that I hate most of our local Kenyan music. But once in a while, there are some refreshing Kenyan sounds to be discovered, such as Sauti Sol or Daddy Owen.

And today I am introducing you to some heavenly Kenyan angels. The Moipei triplets Mary, Martha and Magdalene and their younger sister Seraphine form the all girl music group, Moipei Quartet. These talented Maasai girls have very beautiful voices (well trained by their father Nicholas ole Moipei who is also their teacher) and often perform 'a capella' or accompanied by piano only, mostly in classical styles. Some of their songs also bring us a message, like Mbiu ya Mgambo, which highlights the plight of girls in the Maasai community.

The Moipei Quartet's debut CD (+bonus DVD) is finally out! It's now available at Nakumatt, entitled 'The Moipei Quartet - In the Land of the Lion', and you may want to have a look at the preview below.

Also please put the Moipei family in your prayers as Seraphine Moipei, the youngest of the quartet singers, was admitted to hospital in January with a brain tumor. Fortunately, she's now out of hospital and getting better.


raymondchepkwony said...

Did u just call Daddy Owen "refreshing talent"? The mohican hydrogen peroxide look accompanied by gospel lyrics and suggestively gyrating women in his videos DOES NOT MAKE HIM TALENTED!
The Moipei sisters.. Now thats talent. That is true talent. My prayers are with the unwell daughter and the family!

Sibbie said...

Lol @Raymond's description of Daddy Owen.

As for the girls. . . . Madd talent right there. I've had an opportunity to watch them perform live and I was amazed. Simply beautiful. I'm glad the girl's getting better.

Kellie said...

How they girls have grown! And so beautiful!
I remember when they were born, Mr Moipei was on an assignment to train our high school choir. I feel like a fossil.

They have talent, but a friend once expressed concern that they're working their voices too hard too young, and as such could compromise on their growth as opera singers.

Rafiki said...

@ raymondchepkwony: NO WAY, I didn't say Daddy Owen is "refreshing talent", I actually only like the song featured in the link since it sounds different. Not sure about the gyrating women - LOL - I usually don't pay attention to them in videos. The Moipei Quartet rocks!

@ Sibbie: I have also had some opportunities to watch them perform live. We are both so lucky!

@ Kellie: Don't feel like a fossil! We are staying young forever. True about their voices, but so far so good, it seems.

JB said...

Aki nawapenda :)

So sweet..the voices r to die fo!!

rachael said...

@raymondchepkwony suggestively gyrating women?Someone must certainly be confused?You're just a H.A.T.E.R!!The worst kind since your accusations are unfounded, sounds like you've got some bile stuck in your throat.
Anyhu, love the song by the quartet,wish they'd post some more on youtube.

florence said...

I cant explain how much i adore this four little angles they truelly inspire me,there mum went to the same primary school i went to and i have also sang with the girls and competed with them they became number one and i was two,so i can also sing but i love them.God bless you Mr.and Mrs Moipei for the good work you have done with your girls they will be forever be grateful,thankyou also for supporting and advertising our wildlife in the Dvd i love you Moipei family.

Anonymous said...

I aint nowhere near musical, but these gals got it all. Keep up with the great awesome, you have all it takes to achieve all your musical dreams. Wish you all the best in life and God's blessings...

Miranda said...

Aki am so jealous but proud of them and would advice them to fly off and be opera singers coz their voices sound like those from the opera.I even dream of having quadruplets.Nice day.