Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do you swallow or spit?

So you have a mouthful and you are not sure what to do? After timidly holding the liquid in your mouth, you stop to re-examine a question that had been on your mind before: to spit or to swallow? Well, some girls swallow, others don't. Whether you spit or swallow is completely up to you - tastes and preferences differ. When I announced the 3rd Annual Nairobi Wine Festival on Twitter, I indeed got some mixed reactions from my twiends:
  • RookieKE @RafikiKenya I'll taste, not swallow.
  • Queen_Lucky @RafikiKenya Problem is when tasting... I don't spit. I actually swallow. So imagine how drunk I get...
    So @RookieKe doesn't swallow, but @Queen_Lucky swallows. To swallow or not to swallow, that's the question. Some people are advising to spit if you're tasting more than one liquid, and swallow if you are tasting that one unique vintage you always wanted to order.

    The 3rd Annual Nairobi Wine Festival will be an opportunity to swallow or spit over 90 liquids from around the world, whilst enjoying live music and delicious bitings around the fabulous poolside at the Holiday Inn:
      Event: 3rd Annual Nairobi Wine Festival
      Venue: Holiday Inn, Westlands, Nairobi
      Dates: Friday 19th March, 5 – 9pm; and Saturday 20th March, 3 – 7pm
      Cost: Kshs 1,400/- per person.
        Tickets are valid for one day only, and include unlimited swallowing or spitting, bitings and a branded wine glass to take home. Tickets available from The Holiday Inn and The Wine Shop in Kileleshwa. Tickets are limited, buy yours in advance to avoid disappointment! For more information call: 0716 555 118.

        You can find some excellent reviews of last year's wine festival here and here.

        And if you are still not sure which option to go for, here is a video that could help you in your decision:

        And finally, here are my two questions to you:
        1. Are you going to this year's wine festival or not?
        2. And do you actually swallow or spit?


        Anonymous said...

        Kudos. Man, what a brilliantly written piece!

        Cherop said...

        If I was there I would have liked to have gone :-)

        Rafiki said...

        @ Anonymous: Thanks a lot for the encouragement, you are most welcome. But I wish you would have answered my questions.

        @ Cherop: Pity you can't be there, maybe next year then. What about your answer to the other question?

        coldtusker said...

        The gal in the pic can swallow or spit... It matters nought to me... As long as she tastes...

        raymondchepkwony said...

        As if this article was about wine... Next time I toss a coin and get me some head I'll have to urge her on with the quote..."spitters are quitters.... Finish the job"!

        bomseh said...

        At first I thought u were talking about other liquids other than wine. I still think this is double entendre. I like women who swallow, whether it is wine or nuts. Nice piece Rafiki. Food for thought.

        kellie said...

        Excellently written Rafiki.

        I'm going for the festival if you are. Are you?

        I quit alcohol a couple of month's ago, so I'll have to go with spitting.

        I don't understand what these other gentlemen are talking about.

        Rafiki said...

        @ coldtusker: You can look, but can't touch.

        @ raymondchepkwony: Yes, the article is about wine, for most of us. Please focus.

        @ bomseh: Focus!

        @ kellie: Would it be fun to go with a partner who spits?
        The other gentlemen just need to focus.

        coldtusker said...

        Does licking salty nuts make it easier for her to swallow?

        diasporadical said...

        GENIUS!! Absolutely Genius! I was looking over my shoulder hoping nobody caught me reading snuff.

        Kafai. said...

        1. I plan to attend
        2. All depends on the taste :) {strictly talking about wine!}

        Anonymous said...

        As long as she can get the cork out and be able to get the wine flowing, it would bother me the least where it ends.

        viagra online said...

        I still think this is double entendre. I like women who swallow, whether it is wine or nuts. Nice piece Rafiki. Food for thought.

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