Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shuga - the cool Kenyan movie about sex - takes New York by storm



Kenyan TV drama, ‘Shuga’, entertains as it raises AIDS awareness

NEW YORK, USA, 27 January 2010 – Partnerships play a vital role in UNICEF’s efforts against the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. When it comes to delivering messages about HIV prevention, the organization’s work with media and entertainment partners such as MTV provides a valuable – and credible – connection to young audiences.

Shuga - the cool movie about sex which has become a major hype in Kenya - was shown and discussed at UNICEF in New York. And our darling Lupita Nyong’o participated in the event.

Now, that's all well and good. But we don't need to show this movie in New York, it needs to be screened all over Kenya and all over Africa!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is assessing the effectiveness of Shuga in changing behaviour within its target audience. Well, let me just say that there is no need to do this assessment, we already know it is effective, believe me. So please just show this movie anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

And I am also of the opinion that Shuga should go for the Oscars! Do you agree?


savvy said...

It was shown on all (or almost all) Kenyan channels. It was a good show? It was educainment at its best.

normzo said...

very good drama indeed.. It has been shown in Uganda to..

and i have watched it on BET.

Jd said...

I live abroad but I must say that was quality stuff.

Anonymous said...

I keep watching it online .Way to go and pass the message through entertainment.

Rafiki said...

@ savvy: Finally something excellent on the local scene.

@ normzo: Feel welcome to this blog, my neighbour.

@ Jd: Thanks. Now please also send us some quality stuff from abroad.

@ Anonymous: How many times have you seen it then?

anastacia said...

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