Thursday, February 18, 2010

The sexy saxophonist

So why is Esther blowing Hellon's saxophone?

Well, I just did some small research on it and my conclusion is that we may have to attribute this to the sexiness of the saxophone:
  • The saxophone is usually used as the main instrument for the background music of love scenes.
  • The sax is either held right between someones legs in the crotchal area (drawing attention to said area) or it is played to the side which forces the player to stick out his hips in a sort of thrusting motion
  • The sound of the sax is slow, smooth, and reminiscent of a bedroom voice.
  • Jazz is meant to be sensual, seductice, and a bit on the daring side; and the saxophone is part of that genre.
  • The saxophone sound can be intensely, richly complex, almost as complex as the human voice. Its vibrational energy comes close to the flutter and pant of human respiration and it reacts with such sensitivity to the individual player's breath that no two sax players sound precisely alike. Unruly feelings pour out, often carnal feelings.
  • The way a saxophonist moves in a slow seductive way with closed eyes and the music is usually slow with a haunting melody, so that it almost gives the impression of love-making.
  • The sax is low-pitched compared to most brass instruments; a low, slow voice can be an aphrodisiac.
But Joseph Hellon as a Finger of God church leader should note that the Church doesn't like the sax. Pius X, who became pope in 1903, was quick to see the moral danger posed by the saxophone. An audacious composer had written saxophones into a mass and he didn't like it. He prohibited instruments that could cause "disgust or scandal," and everybody knew which one he meant. The saxophone sounded to Pius X like the work of the devil.

Well, we may understand Esther's recent moves a bit better now. And what about you, do you feel attracted to a sax or a saxophonist?

P.S. The only saxophone-playing U.S. president was Bill Clinton... I think you get my point.


SisBigBones said... the sax is a form of juju. I love the picture :D

Anonymous said...

seriously, the pics? nkt

LylahWhynn. said...

The Clinton fact just sealed the deal it does explain the whole Lewinsky drama and as for Esther well blame it on the got her feeling loose...

Rafiki said...

@ SisBigBones: Glad you love the sax and the pic.

@ Anonymous: Not my pic!

@ LylahWhynn: Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you...

Mburu Kamau said...

With Clinton coming to the fore, the case is closed. Let us wait to see whether Arunga will one day come out breathing fire accusing Hell(on) of shortchanging her!

iCon said...

That picture = comedy gold

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The sound of the saxophone is too sexy .... I love it! To be honest, this music excite me too!!!

darwin said...

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