Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No check no check - Up to 8 hours long

Always is Kenya’s most popular brand of sanitary pads. And it seems to gain even more popularity now through a very appealing advertisement. The ad opens in a girls school as they are having class. One of the girls takes a roll of tissue paper out of her desk and would like to check something... Let's have a look:


Wow, what an upbeat tune and a nicely choreographed dance, very well done! Some of the local television stations here in Kenya are playing the clip a bit too often, but it is still not too boring. And if you're really a fan of the music, you can even download the ringtone for free from here. Just imagine your phone going off with that ringtone... I check I check.

"Up to 8 hours, no check no stain".
I am supporting a cousin of mine who is in high school. Apart from school fees, I have to give her money for all kinds of other things, including sanitary pads. Now she's telling me that the slogan of "8 hours long" is not really correct and I have to double her allocation for sanitary pads from 12 pads per month (4 days x 3 pads/day at a rate of 8 hours per pad) to 24 pads per month. Superior feminine protection for eight hours? Maybe not always? So ladies, I need some help here. Is my cousin's demand still reasonable even now that we have the 8 hours pads available, or is my cousin just trying to rip me off?


Sheblossoms said...

Well, every girl's flow is different. There are girls who would only need 6 pads at the rate of roughly 3 a day. And there are girls who would need up 24 pads for an 8 day long flow. Teenagers are especially likely to have very short or too long a flow, because they are still developing and sometimes the hormones are just crazy. I'd say give her the benefit of doubt.

Rafiki said...

@ Sheblossoms: Thanks for your advice. I am learning a lot about women these days.
Now, tell me, how come there still seems to be some taboo in Kenya around tampons?

Cold Turkey said...

@Rafiki, if I may butt in on the tampons thing, I think it's a bit of a taboo as some believe that besides tampons principal function, it's use simulates penetration...penile penetration. That a girl might be killing two birds with one stone pretty good.

kellie said...

@Cold Turkey Lol at butting in on the tampons thing. Pun intended?

@Rafiki I'm with @Sheblossoms to avoid her scamming you, just take her shopping and buy the towels for her.

On the issue of tampons, tried them once. They're incredibly uncomfortable to use (though I have friends who swear by their comfort, and they're rumoured to cause toxic shock syndrome.
At the risk of TMI, using a tampon is actually more uncomfortable than that sex.

Ok, I leave now.

Barbra said...

Cold Turkey has a point.

Anonymous said...

then again...theres the moon cup.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to womens menstrual cycle it all depends on the persons flow. Some people have a heavier flow and the 8 hours may only last 2-4 hours. In adverts its just to show that it doesn't leak and has extra extra protection. The always brand is the most reliable brand and the good thing about it is that pads last. So your cousin is lucky if she has 3 days. 4 a day sounds way too little if she is in boarding school, the best option is to get the night ones( which is for heavy flow they have 4 to 5 drops on the packet) here they come in a 24 pack and then get a lighter pack for light days 3-2 dots. So she can alternate instead of insisting on the eight eight.For hygiene purposes its not good for a girl to have a pad on for eight hours.Reccomended is 2-4 hours max.If its a boarding school schools 24 hours thats 1before breakfast,mid morning sesh after lunch, eve sesh, then night time so an average of 5 times a day.
Personally its always good to have more than less cuz at that age they are still irregular and may come 2ice in a month.The diet and evironment may be affected.

Ps. Tampons are kinda difficult to get in and take more time to put on. One has to relax the muscles otherwise it wont get in.Most people have to try a couple of times before they get it right.It is very uncomfortable if not put properly and can have really bad effects. I know of someone who got theirs stuck to deep in and had to go see the g dr to get it out. It was a disgusting process and it had rot in there. ( I know very graphic).
On another note its perfect for those who've had prior sexual experiences as relaxing and put it in isnt a problem.But shouldn't be kept in for longer than 4 hours.

says summeris donna

Andrea Bohnstedt said...

Now that I can't write about shoes anymore ...

Agree with all the above - every girl's/woman's period is different, both in strength and in duration.

Tampons are fantastic - if you know how to use them. Toxic shock syndrome is extremely rare, you can exercise and move around freely with them, and they cause less waste. But the girl has to be comfortable enough to basically stick a finger inside herself deeply enough (that's typically the problem: if the tampons isn't inserted deeply enough, it sits between the bony bit, and that's uncomfortable).

A pad for eight hours is yuck, even with lighter periods.

Can you maybe involve a trusted female relative in this?

Andrea Bohnstedt said...

Cold Turkey, I think you'll find the tampon doesn't simulate penetration. It penetrates. Otherwise it's pretty useless.

carolkmail said...

@Kellie your comment about tampons just reminded me of what some friends of mine used to think. It was mostly out of fear or perhaps ignorance. Tampons are very effective and TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) does not just happen. Just like pads, hygiene is expected when you are using tampons.

I do advocate for tampons, and I wish girls can be taught how to use them, without being scared about breaking anything. This would give them a choice between pads and tampons.

I also agree with everyone, that teenage and hormones will give the girl a wild cycle. How much can she con you anyway? Don't take her shopping. Let her do the shopping herself. I could never imagine my dad taking me shopping for sanitary towels as a teenager.

joyunspeakable said...

no check, no comment, am happy to be a boy

Sienna said...

Tampons r waaay convenient n its too bad its kinda taboo esp in high skul. N its jus t 1st time tats uncomfortable, after tat its eZ. T gals should b educated on using them then given t option!

Mama said...

Rafiki, when did tampons become a taboo subject?

Coldturkey you are so wrong! One doesn't feel anything at all, if worn right. That's the whole point of tampons.

People who say they are uncomfortable usually have worn them wrong, ama unless they are using super tampons! Those things don't fit anyone. @Kellie, tamps are worse than sex? Wah! There's no comparison there. I'd rather someone hangs me with a rope if I had to go through the latter!

As for TSS, I don't know one single person who ever got it yet. Its just a fear.

As for the Always ad, its super! Though seeing an old woman with bad braids or a stinky weave, dressed in that gear in the supermarket kinda removes the image of those sweet girls from your mind.

Mama said...

As you have been told above, everyone's different. I dont know if the girl is ripping you off. And just FYI, nobody should have to stay with pads for eight hours! That is just plain wrong and unhygienic!

There was this episode on Friends where Monica didn't want Chandler to open some closet door in their house, so she lied to him that she puts 'feminine stuff' there to make him uncomfortable. Maybe your cousin has learnt the trick...just use the 'feminine stuff' excuse.

Trustee said...

Rafiki, you should also support your cousin by giving her condoms. High school girls are just sexing around nowadays, so it is better to be protected. And just like with the pads, 12 per month may not be enough. 24 per month would probably do.

kellie said...

@Carolkmail and @mama TSS is me being paranoid, but you guys are right. My sisters find tampons very comfy and convenient, they give me the jibbies.

Even the whole tampon installation process is rather err...

Ok, conservative Kenyan checking out now.

@Mama you don't mean that. The whole rope thing.

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