Monday, February 15, 2010

Flickr Kenyan Poet

I just discovered a cool new Flickr application called FlickrPoet. Just paste into the box some crazy piece of text - which could be some song lyrics, your most recent Tweet, or, like I did, some lines from a poem by Njeri Wangari (aka Kenyanpoet) - and the site will look for pictures in the Flickr archives that best match your text. I thought this could be very enlightening indeed, and here is what I got for the sentence "Her love, selfless, blows gently like a cool breeze.":

I got a few girls, a keyboard, and some Coca Cola. Not bad, but still confusing. But the nice thing is that the application will return different results every time you press the button. Just keep on pressing. Yes, this thing is transforming poems into photographs, and it has helped me in understanding some texts and poems in different ways. Pretty exciting, isn't it?

So, what sentence are you entering, and what are the photo results you are getting?


Wyndago said...
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Wyndago said...

I'm trying the words "like is too short"

NW said...

Wow@Rafiki Kenya, this is really cool. Wasn't sure which of my poems u picked the lines from(this is when u realize that you have actually been writing - to even loose track of some). Thanks for the mention. Checking out the tool now.

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