Sunday, February 21, 2010

Esther Arunga and Joseph Hellon arrested

Capital FM now reports that the sweet Esther Arunga (is she smoking hot or smoking pot?) and sexophonist Joseph Hellon have been arrested by police over their links to the Finger of God, a religious grouping described as a cult.

Police raided Hellon's house late Saturday and arrested the two and other followers of the controversial Finger of God ministry. Sources say police want to find out if the ministry is a cult as has been reported. The suspects are being held at Gigiri and Muthaiga Police stations.


coldtusker said...


The police are arresting Arunga & Hellon on the so-called basis that they are part of a cult?

Well, so what? (As long there is nothing illegal going on)...

The kibaki days seem little better than the kenyatta or moi days! Why arrest someone on trumped up charges yet let the scamsters behind maize & schoolfunds theft go free?

Anonymous said...

I agree its mindless but I'd not be quick to rule out a political dimension to Arunga's arrest. That said, I am still try understand why she was arrested that quickly, was it because it was so easy to do? The police know her address and so on? While, on the other hand, its hard to believe that her arrest was NOT approved from a very high office judging from her profile and the enormous public interest she has generated.