Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey You, Don't Be Silly, Put a Condom on Your Willy!

It's World AIDS Day today, and I am honouring it by sharing five of my favorite condom commercials. So please don't be silly, and put that condom on your willy!

(Note from the Editor: Def Dames Dope was a girls band from Belgium during the 1990s. One of their notable lyrics included "Hey you, don't be silly, put a condom on your willy". In South Africa, the band was the opening act for a tour of La Toya Jackson)

1. The Little Bastard

2. The Giant Condom

3. Doggy Style Balloons

4. My Mom Said I Could

5. Bubble Gum

So, which one do you like most? Hey, are you still there? Or have you left for the bedroom?


Kafai. said...

The giant condom wins for me :-)

Mountainous said...

Doggy Style hehehee!

Durex condoms said...

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Anonymous said...

first one sucks! giant condom hilarious!!! doggy style alsoooooo!!!
very funny thought. thnks