Monday, November 2, 2009

Kenya in darkness - but still Tweeting

Last night, a national power outage plunged Kenya into darkness. Just like with Julie Gichuru's pregnancy, you heard if first on Twitter. Kenyan Tweeple quickly started using the hashtags #kenyaindarkness (launched by @mountainous) and #KPLC, so they could follow the latest events (if they still some had battery life left on their phones or laptops). Here are some of my favorite tweets related to the blackout. Most of them were very funny, making this disturbing event quite enjoyable. Some Kenyans were just making the best out of it (having sex, making babies), but others were suspecting political interference...

kenyanpundit Maybe KPLC have gotten into the American thing aka Obama mania, this is celebrating Halloween, KPLC style #kenyaindarkness

mojizzzle #KPLC should stand for Kenya Please Light Candles

kenyanpundit Wonder how many of my .ke friends will be having babies 9 months from now... #kenyaindarkness

mountainous Mark your calendars cos 9 months from today you can expect to be sending out very many baby cards #KPLC #FAIL

MwaiKibaki I have constituted a commission of inquiry led by Samuel Gichuru to look into the nationwide blackout. No stove will be left untouched #KPLC

ek13photos Now that the lights are back in KE, I wonder how many people were caught in compromising positions... again no pun intended #kenyaindarkness

bobgamz KPLC could be doing couples a favor...what with the cold weather...*did i just say that?*

faithcnn Apparently, there's a blackout in Kenya -- the whole country has gone dark. #kenyaindarkness

iAlen Or maybe Kibaki used to #kenyaindarkness gap to visit Wambui in Muthaiga. If Roocey gets wind of this? heh...srap srap srap

damiancook Q: What did Kenyans use for lighting before they had fire and candles? A: Electricity #kenyaindarkness

damiancook #kenyaindarkness Actually unless Vision 2030 is Night Vision we ain't gonna see much

mountainous There was an article today in the newspaper about Nuclear power in Kenya but I ignored it sounded like fiction #kenyaindarkness

ek13photos why is everyone talking about babies with this #kenyaindarkness business???

mountainous when the power goes off Kenyans reach for their phones and head to twitter and facebook #kenyaindarkness

RafikiKenya #kenyaindarkness we should do this more often, great atmosphere, super sex

ArcherMishale I think @lucykibaki turned off the national grid. Woman, your blowdryer switch is the other one! Washa stima! #blackout

mountainous No loud music from the club across the road #Kenyaindarkness

artsim Guess who is not complaining of the #kplc nationwide blackout :) sitting by the pool under a full moon enjoying the sea breeze *bliss*

nymou So whoever presented th news tonight must've felt like an idiot knowing no one's watching. #kplc #fail

kahenya I hope I am wrong but @PaulaKahumbu might be right. I think there is something political going on. For real.

ArcherMishale There's a coup in progress! #nairumours #kenyaindarkness #KPLC

bobgamz Or maybe they are ferrying out some P.E.V suspects under the cover of darkness?...u may wake up to a new Kenya tomorrow...

paulakahumbu That wasn't 22 minutes you bastard computer....ZZZzzz catch u all when #blackout is over be safe

At least some people were lucky to have some battery life left on their phones and laptops, but in order to be prepared for future events, I would now like to launch the following idea: Could we have a Twitter version for candles as well? What do you think?


Mountainous said...

Quite glad I came up with the #kenyaindarkness hashtag. scroll to the oldest tweet on the search page.
I'm surprised that KPLC and Safaricom aren't on twitter and I bet they are the most tagged companies on Kenya's twittersphere

savvy said...

There are so many blackouts in this side where I live I wasn't aware it's a nationwide problem. But the comment about Kibaki visiting Wambui in the darkness and Roocy with srap sraps is very very funny.

Rafiki said...

@ Mountainous: Wow, I didn't know you were the one to come up with the very nice hashtag. I am now crediting you in my post.

@ savvy: Are you trying to say that you live on that side to facilitate your own Wambui-like visits in the darkness? Or am I thinking too fast here?

savvy said...

Keep are almost there. But seriously, j-town has massive blackouts, we are used to it.

kellie said...

I was on twitter that evening, and all I can say is Twitterers do have active imaginations.

Rafiki said...

@ savvy: Where the hell is j-town?

@ kellie: LOL - let's just say SOME of them have a lot of imagination. OTHERS were very lucky that night :-)

savvy said...

J-town is Juja town.