Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shocking: Kenyan teens are having sex!

Kenyan teens are having sex. And apparently they have no clue on how to go about it.

A report by the Nairobi-based Centre for the Study of Adolescents (CSA) reports that 40 percent of girls and 50 percent of boys reported having had sex before their 19th birthday, a significant minority reported having sex with more than one partner in the previous six months. --->>> Those are the reported figures, so what are the real figures?

The report also confirms that the youth are having sex but they lack vital information on sexual and reproductive health.

Sexual education in schools is watered down. What we have is information that barely cratches the surface, and in the end the young people are left with many gaps to be filled. They are curious and what they do is fill the gaps through talking to friends and this leads to experimentation with wrong information. --->>> Do we need sex education in our schools, or should our teens just experiment, or both? I had both, and I am still doing fine.

A separate study by CSA in 2008 recorded an estimated 5.5 million girls between ages of 15 to 19 years give birth annually in Kenya --->>> Do we even have so many girls in that age group in Kenya? Must be something wrong with the figures here?
The report further indicated this same group has more than one million unsafe abortions each year. --->>> Please, can we all become gay? Problem solved.
Forty-seven percent of the teens surveyed either had a child, were pregnant, or had undergone an abortion by age 20. --->>> 47 percent? Shocking!

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Mo said...

There should be a *NSFW* disclaimer heading this post.

Rafiki said...

@ Mo: If you can't read this at work, get another job.

Our Kid said...

@ Rafiki... Gawsh. That photo! We can't all get other jobs!!!

But the statistics sometimes are just tat.. statistics.

savvy said...


It may not just be statistics. In campus right now, everywhere I turn, I see pregnant girl. That's roughly 20% of the girl's me cook stats.

Anyway, there is some truth in them. Sex education is the way to go. Some girls fear pregnancy more than HIV...granted, both are lifetime responsibilities.

I am not saying it is wrong to get pregnant, especially in campus, but most of these pregnancies were never planned.

And if you ask those high school teenagers about protection, and contraceptives, all they can say is he refused to use a condom.

Our Kid said...

20%? That is too high even by anyone's stanrads. Am sure you meant 2% because the image of a pregnant woman sticks in someone's mind and you tend to remember it.

But the whole early sex thing is really sad.

Mo said...

I was blog-surfing from the common computer in my family home and my kid sister got pretty shocked upon seeing that pic. Perhaps I should get another family too?

An disclaimer with such content would be great. My 2 cents as a reader of your blog. You can take it or leave it. :)

Rafiki said...

@ Our Kid: Very true indeed.

@ savvy: You are right, maybe the numbers are not very correct, but the trend is there and we need to do something about it.

@ Mo: Your comment is well taken, many people were saying the same, some others actually liked it a lot. But I have changed the picture anyway. I hope this one is more appropriate.

savvy said...

I like both pics.

Rafiki said...

@ savvy: Good for you! But now some other people are complaining I have taken away the original sexy pic...

Rafiki said...
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