Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nyama choma - with compliments from Nakumatt

The standard blow-out feast for most Kenyans is a huge pile of nyama choma (roast meat). And sometimes you just get a craving for some nice nyama choma, but you don't have the right equipment readily available, so you have to become innovative:

Innovation courtesy of Nakumatt. Note that the trolley was not destroyed in this case.

Would this work with an Uchumi trolley as well? Please share your experiences!


Our Kid said...

You need it, they have got it.

I was in Nakumatt yesterday and couldn't buy a certain item because it did not have a code in their system. And then the guy put it back on the shelf. Eish.

Tamaku said...

Just need to get some wheels on the jiko and you've got nyam chom on the go...You might not even need a proper jiko, just use the smaller kiddies trolley

*M* said...

Gorgeous! I suggest you throw a barbecue party for bloggers in need of nyama choma. How about that?

joyunspeakable said...

Mmmmh? I guess this is real innovation then?

philosolm said...

Guess the meat also did taste sweeter

Philos said...

That's good

Digzer said...

Lol!!! Necessity is the mother of all inventions?

Rafiki said...

@ Our Kid: You need it, they got it, can't buy it.

@ Tamaku: LOL, good idea!

@ *M*: OK for the party! I'll provide the grill. Could you bring the meat and somebody else the drinks?

@ joyunspeakable: Not really my innovation, I also got the idea from a friend.

@ philosolm: Come and taste for yourself at the party for bloggers in need of nyama choma. Could you bring the drinks please?

@ Philos: Yes indeed.

@ Digzer: If Necessity is indeed the mother, who would be the father of all inventions?

savvy said...

I hope it's not too late to join the party?

I can bring myself and possibly a grill, a trolley or two from Tuskys this time for variety's sake.

Rafiki said...

@ savvy: You are lucky, it is not too late to join the party! I have enough grills, but we need more variety in the types of meats and in the drinks as well. Please bring some crocodile meat and some whiskey. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

during a week long whiskey and shroom binge in Uni along time ago(1 year), i once wound up near dallas texas and the locals were doing just this, but with a 'hawg' and lotsa guns and mustaches and 'bud' beers. the chrome burns off and into the meat...mmmmm... good to see north-south technological transfer in action.