Saturday, July 18, 2009

I would love to go to The Hague

In recent weeks and days, Kenyans have been discussing a lot about going to The Hague or not. Me, I would love to go to The Hague! The Hague means enjoying castles, cultural events, concerts, art exhibits, a night out at the theatre, shopping in the city centre and a romantic walk at the seaside. The Hague is a wonderful city full of life, all year round!

Under the name ‘The Hague Art City’, The Hague in 2009 - 2011 will highlight its many cultural treasures. A large number of superb exhibitions, festivals and performances will be held during this period. Notably, some recently announced performances by 'cultural' Kenyans have not been included in the programme.

Shopping in The Hague is always fun. Besides all the major department stores and chains, you'll find countless specialist shops, fashion boutiques, porcelain shops, shoe shops, delicatessens, and many more shops specialising in fascinating exotic products. Something for everyone! Kenyans, let's all go to The Hague!

I wouldn't mind dining at Tampat Senang, a very colonial-style restaurant with waiters in traditional costumes. This Indonesian restaurant is beautifully decorated with indigenous art and has an excellent garden for outside dining in summer.

The Hague also means enjoying cultural events, concerts, art exhibits, and other nights out! I would love to go to Club Silly Symphonies aka Club Sillies (Uhuru and Ruto, please note the interesting name of this establishment), a bar cum night club catering for the partyfolk.

How about taking a stroll along the beach? Followed by a nice meal in one of the restaurants on the boulevard or at the beach. Or, if you feel like doing something a bit more active, a bracing walk or cycle tour in the dunes. Scheveningen and Kijkduin are the perfect places to go!

I would stay at the Haagsche Suites, luxurious exclusive suites in a townhouse built in 1890 and recently thoroughly refurbished. And you, would you like to go to The Hague? And if yes, what would you do there?


Tamaku said...

lol! And all the gay bars...*sigh*

pinkm said...

your blog keeps ejecting me and refusing to post my comments Rafiki.

This article is excellent, I suggest we print and post a copy at the parliament notice board, hopefully, it will give those criminals the push they need to visit The Hague.

Pretty country nonetheless :)

Mama Shujaa said...

The Waki Commission list of suspects is what I'd pay for to be honest!!!

willpress said...

Sounds like a tourist brochure so I should be allowed to board the plane as well, although I didn't play a major role in PEV save for hurling insults at the TV...does that count?

The XYZ show version of people at the Hague jana was hilarious though!

Biche said...

I spent a week in The Hague as a teenager and frankly I don't remember it being as cool as you make it sound. Maybe I was too young. Maybe it's just that my brothers and I were totally in love with the hotel we were staying at. :-) You make it sound really cool. The way you describe it, I definitely want to go visit The Hague again! :-)

Sibbie said...

Sounds pretty cool. . . I agree with Pink. :D

egm said...

If only just to hike the countryside and take lots and lots of photos, let me at The Hague any time! There's more to it than just the ICC, which seems to be the face of The Hague now!