Thursday, March 26, 2009

Women and parking

Extremely funny movie clip! Women trying to park - hilarious of course! Now lady drivers, please tell me, is it in your genes or what is the problem really?


Cee said...

I would attribute our "funny" parking habits to our fear. Men will go over the pavement and just do their best to park it, but for a chick, we fear hitting the pavement, or the car next to us.

Nubian Queen said...

i think that video is baloney!!!

Shiko-Msa said...

hehehe Rafiki wapi Kiraithe. He should see what a Rambo movie looks like.

Tamaku said...

Did she get her licence after paying kitu kidogo?

dmoisellel said...

hahaha ... this was hilarious, esp the last little bit... but the one about the lady overturning after merely hitting a gate i dont buy :)

archer said...

Why is it that women can't reverse a 5 foot wide car into a 7 foot wide parking in broad daylight, yet they can maneouvre a 2 inch ninii into a slit in total darkness?

Biche said...

Oh please! A clip could be made of men making similar gaffes. I think women being bad drivers is just something men say to pick on women. When I think of good drivers, the first three names to come to mind are of two women and that of a man. Although I enjoyed the clip, I don't think that gender has anything to do with skill at driving.

(But thanks for sharing!)

Biche :-)

Rafiki said...

@ Cee: You call your habits "funny"? Where do you still find an insurance company wanting to cover you?

@ Nubian Queen: Why is it nonsense?

@ Shiko-Msa: Is Rambo still a man?

@ Tamaku: Amazingly, she didn't have to pay anything. It must have been a favor returned then.

@ demoisellel: Sometimes I hate it when the best part on these funny YouTube videos comes at the end (when I am on a slow connection that is).

@ archer: 2 inch only? Where is that?

@ Biche: Come on, I thought driving was maybe the only thing left for us men to be good at. You girls are already better at so many other things.