Friday, March 20, 2009

The Pope is crazy

Following the Pope’s irresponsible statement in Cameroon over the use of condoms in relation to HIV/AIDS, Nathan Geffen and Rebecca Hodes of Treatment Action Campaign charge that such papal views are misguided and fly in the face of evidence around the efficacy of both condom use and sex education for adolescents. Preaching abstinence to many communities in Africa is alienating and irrelevant.

Simon Collery also did an excellent post on this issue. He is asking "Why is abstinence not proposed as a strategy to reduce alcohol or drug dependency? How about obesity as a result of overeating?" and "Why is abstinence not proposed as a strategy to reduce crime?" I think you are getting the analogy with abstinence from sex. Simon also vividly illustrates his point with an example from Nyanza: "A certain Mr Pope, a man without an electoral mandate or, indeed, without any experience of sexual intercourse or sexual relationships, thinks that abstinence is the only way to avoid HIV. Well, Mr Pope, you’re quite wrong. In Nyanza province in Kenya, women are more likely to contract HIV from their husbands. Husbands also contract HIV from their wives."

In my view, the Pope's current strategy will never be effective, so it is time for a paradigm change in the Vatican. What do you think? Can abstinence really work?


TheBigBoss said...

Yes, the Pope is totally irresponsible and foolish.

First, he wanted to restore Latin Mass into the pantheon. Then, he is welcoming back some Holocaust denier Bishops ("Sieg Heil Benedict") and now he is telling bullsh*ts about condoms.

Surely, he had too much LSD listening to "Mass in F Minor" (third album of the Electric Prunes, a pseudo-religious concept album constructed as a psychedelic mass and sung in Latin) and watching Easy Rider.


Mike Ndegwa said...
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Shiko-Msa said...

This whole religion and condom debate renders me completely impotent to write. Words fail me. I tried to blog about it nikashindwa.

AIDS is a love disease. And love and sex are innate. Abstinence means fighting a most basic natural human instinct. Personally between abstinence and condoms I'd say condomize.

The AIDS in marriage thing is another disaster on it's own because one would think they can cocoon themselves in a union and escape the inconveniences of the little lubricated, flavored, studded, ribbed, textured, contoured, dispensed, subsidized, assorted coloured rubbers. Lakini wapi? Ah!

Shiko-Msa said...

I forgot to add glow in the dark among those many properties.

Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

first of all: "I'm sorry Mr. Pope but I don't like your person"
2nd: the problem is THE "CHURCH INSTITUTION", because I don't remember a pope who openly published condom's utilizations. Unfortunately we are in 2009 but this way of behaving by the churcH is very, but very ancient, still the church and the pope ARE PRISONERS OF THEIR IDEAS and of thei religions concepts. It Is a shame that in front of health and desease problems "THE CHURCH" (and its representants) still saying the same idiot things, they are so blind? Or probably for them are more importants religions words than dying for HIV desease?
ciao from Rome - Italy

Rafiki said...

@ TheBigBoss: Welcome. Maybe the LSD dose wat not right? Should have been more, shouldn't it?

@ Shiko-Msa: I can see you are a bit disturbed by the Pope. Thanks for your vivid description of rubbers, nice!

@ Francesca: How did you find this place all the way from Italy? Welcome! I love God, but I hate the Church.

Cee said...

I find it wierd that AIDS was planted in Africa and the pope continues to ask the Africans to abstain yet such talk is never heard in Europe or US. Does it mean that Africans deserve to die from AIDS while europeans and Americans don't? Maybe I'm being narrow minded in my view but damn, I guess the pope should try and preach that message in his own country first before he goes to tell the Africans what to do. Just hope Africans don't start using the Pope's comment as an excuse not to use rubber

SupremeGREAM said...

Shiko seems well versed on the rubbers. Can we request you Shiko to us a post with pictures of these rubbers?

Me religion and sex I dont think we rhyme. I dont think anybody should tell me how to go down and when. Tell me another

Rafiki said...

@ Cee: I don't believe AIDS was "planted" in Africa. Do you believe this theory? Who would have planted it? Otherwise, I am with you for the rest of your point.

@ SupremeGREAM: I agree Shiko should do such a post. I will be available if she still needs volunteers to confirm a detail here and there...

Shiko-Msa said...

Greamz/Rafiki I like to think I can write about anything and not necessarily from experience. Rubbers it is. But no time frame. Just wait for a post some time.

Rafiki some clarifications here and there will be most welcome.

Simon said...

Rafiki, habari yako. Thank you for your comments, I like your blog. You certainly seem to have a lot of followers! I'll visit often and I wish you all the best. Regards Simon

La5226 said...

Paradigm change...I second that!