Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking for a restaurant in Nairobi?

The Google Africa Blog is always a good read. Today, Mark de Blois is announcing the new Local Search for Maps of Nairobi. So the next time you search for hotelsrestaurants or even for Kenyan currency/forex, just go to Google Maps. This launch makes Kenya the first Sub-Saharan African country to have local search integrated into Google Maps. 

Impressive, 163 restaurants in Nairobi, many of which were unknown to me, including Akasaka and Originelle. I need to start exploring them now. Anyone for dinner? Anyone for lunch? Even breakfast? Please...

Others are all time favorites, like Havana, Peppers, Simmer's and Tamarind (all highly recommended by Rafiki), and the unavoidable fast food joints like Steers and Kengele's.

And note, if your business/service is not present in the database, just add it to Google Map Maker.


Teddy said...

Thats good news for most people especially now that the famous Valentines day is in the corner. We also would like other rural areas like to feature more as I cannot trace this are and its in NY times and the International Herald Tribune

Mama said...


Biche said...

Originelle? Hehehe...I know where that is. Don't get too excited - you are not missing much! :-)

Cool feature! Thanks for sharing.

D'moiselle said...

lunch would be nice :) ... thanks for the heads up

SupremeGREAM said...


Year ago, 4 to be precise, I went there and there are these chix hanging around. They sneer at you if you dont drool or if you are accompanied by a hottie. I have never gone back.


Now we can talk. Sometime back am there with some buddies and I start to chat a huge huge mamacita and my friends decide since they aint getting any, they carry me shoulders high out for a change of venue.

Once I get a phone with a bigger screen I think the google maps will be a nice addition to ebuddy, miniopera, fluury and world clock.

Rafiki said...

@ Teddy: Welcome to this spot. Rural areas should be featured indeed, especially since the produce there is usually very fresh (if it is available that is).

@ Mama: As always, we are here to serve you.

@ Biche: Thanks for helping me saving a few shillings by not going to Originelle.

@ D'moiselle: OK for lunch, it's a deal.

@ SupremeGREAM: I go to Simmers for the choma, and I try to avoid the other meats on display there.
You are right about Google Maps, it 's a cool feature, it seems to work fine on one of my Nokias.

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