Friday, January 16, 2009

Wetang'ula may have to ride a bicycle

Kenya's Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang'ula and his crew of accompanying Ministers and MPs have been insulting fellow Kenyans by travelling to the US for a party using public money at a time Kenya is facing a huge hunger crisis and begging for foreign aid. Well, it looks like God is trying to punish this crook called Wetang'ula for his stupid decision: Wetang'ula may have to ride a bicycle in order to get to the venue of the bash. The Washington Times reports:
African ambassadors are in a panic about their inauguration ball in Arlington because all bridges to Virginia will be closed and they expect 1,200 guests to attend a festival designed to highlight President Barack Obama's Kenyan heritage."This is a major issue," Ambassador Roble Olhaye, the dean of the African Diplomatic Corps, said Thursday. "I don't know how we will get there. This is a gigantic blockage.""If you have a way to get there, I'd like to know," he told Embassy Row. "All roads are closed. All bridges are closed. Do they expect us to walk or ride bicycles?" He cringed at the image of ladies in expensive ball gowns riding Metro subway trains, which are expected to be crowded. 
Well, I seriously hope that Wetang'ula falls off his bike and gets injured or something. I would also like to wish Hon. Prof. Helen Sambili an enjoyable subway ride in her expensive ball gown...

Meanwhile, Kalembe Ndile wants the officials to watch the ceremony on TV at home, the BBC and the Daily Nation report. The former MP has given a 21-inch TV to the officials going to the US, saying they should watch the inauguration ceremony at home. Kalembe Ndile said the trip was a waste of taxpayers' money. “Why should we fund a delegation when it has been made clear that only our ambassador in the US is invited?" he asked. 


Mama said...

Hehehehhehehe! I reeeeeeeeeeally hope there shall be no transport. Wacha they ride bikes who do thy think they are? It is only here at home when they can expect royal treatment huko they are just normal wananchi especially when no one invited them.

That Ndile is a comedian! But you gotta love him for trying. Ati no one was at the foreign affairs ministry was there to receive his present......hehehehehehe! He has become another Nyambane, taking bananas to Moi when he was in hospital.

Mama said...

Ooooops! typo............... Ati no one was at the foreign affairs ministry to receive his present......hehehehehehe! He has become another Nyambane, taking bananas to Moi when he was in hospital.

Rafiki, I hope where you are there was more rain today.

odegle said...

on the other side though, Wetangulas visit may just turn out good for our diplomatic relations as well tourism. its said that its always important to get in touch with people at their highest points.

Again, how would it have looked had wetangula and co not gone to US for the inauguration? Some people may have talked of tribalism and jealousy!

Rafiki said...

@ Mama: If he has to ride a bike he will need a driver, so it will have to be a boda boda.
Yes, more rain here in Nairobi today, especially in the morning. I now have a weather forecast on my blog and it is saying we will also have rain tomorrow.

@ odegle: Good to know that some people are still seeing the good side of these developments, but I am not very sure about Wetang'ula's diplomatic qualities and I think there are more effective things that can be done to revive our tourism sector than going to a party. I like the following comment posted by a Kenyan in the US:

On 1/13/09, Morrison Muleri wrote:

As a Kenyan based in Washington DC I opted not to pay the $200 to attend the bash as I thought it can be used more productively educating my niece back home. About 4 million people are expected to descend on this town starting Saturday. I know of at least four ‘Kenyan’ parties in Washington DC and the neighboring Maryland and Virginia. It’s strange that GOK will spend such a huge amount of money to send a team to attend one of these marginal parties. Roads will be closed and we all have to jump into Metro underground trains. Hotels are very very expensive. Why bother at such a time?

There will be very many visitors of the state around inauguration time. It is almost impossible for anybody less than a head of state or government, a senior USA government official, a relative or a close friend to reach Obama next week.

With better planning, the GOK should have arranged to send a delegation almost a month after these celebrations so as to get bilateral talks with Obama or high ranking officials of his government.

Morrison Muleri, PhD


Mama Shujaa said...

Might be good for tourism, but Minister Najib Balala is already in U.S. on a multi-city tourism roadshow.

Then Delta Air Lines is launching flights from Atlanta to Nairobi as part of its 15 new international routes, mid-2009. It already considers Kenya one of Africa's top 12 destinations. This will boost tourism numbers.

I can understand the desire to partake in the overwhelmingly positive energy during this momentous occasion - just being there, when he is sworn in...

However, considering the travel constraints (they had announced for over two weeks about road closures and sole method of transportation being the metro)...

We will be watching and celebrating from the comfort of our living room with close friends and family.

Cheers! And Godspeed to President-elect Obama!!

Mama Shujaa

Rafiki said...

@ Mama Shujaa: Thank you for your valuable observations.
I was just going through Obama's speech which he gave at Nairobi University in 2006:
"It's more than just history and outside influences that explain why Kenya lags behind. Like many nations across this continent, where Kenya is failing is in its ability to create a government that is transparent and accountable. One that serves its people and is free from corruption," said Obama. And later in his speech he also said:"In the end, if the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost. And this is why the struggle against corruption is one of the great struggles of our time."
And I am laughing when I think about the "swift" reactions from Alfred babyface Mutua (dismissing Obama as a young man who could not teach Kenya how to manage its affairs) and Rateng Ogego ("You deliberately, without real cause or reason, other than what appears to seek cheap publicity and inconsequential populism, chose to publicly attack the democratically elected Government of Kenya, in total disregard for the requisite protocol and acceptable methods to address the issues you raised, what with programmed appointments to meet Cabinet ministers and even the Head of State, since your visit was official"). Ogego is now organizing the African inauguration bash in honor of Obama with our money.