Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wetang'ula insulting starving Kenyans

Kenya's Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang'ula will head a government delegation for a pre-inauguration bash organised by African diplomatic missions in the US. "It is a big fete that will be attended by delegations from many African nations," Wetang'ula said. What a jerk! Doesn't he realize there is a food crisis in the country? Kenyan children are starving! He didn't even know how much his trip would cost, referring journalists to his accountant instead... Other members of the delegation include Ministers Najib Balala (Tourism), Prof Anyang Nyong’o (Medical Services), Helen Sambili (Sports) and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim. Others are MPs Hassan Joho, Eugene Wamalwa and 2004 Nobel Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai.

This is supposed to be a private party, but who will pay for the tickets (not to The Hague, but to Washington...) and travel allowances which will amount to a few millions of shillings? The Kenyan taxpayer, that is you and me. Using public money for a private party in the US, while 10 million Kenyans are facing starvation... Enjoy the thought!


Mama said...

I hate Kenyan politicians in general but Wetangula is among my top of the lists guys.

Rafiki, you tell me if Wetangula has ever had anything positive to say since 2008 when PNU 'won'! Please tell me! All I have heard from this man is I dont know KIbaki won the elections, he is always at loggerheads with diplomats, he tells us they are not going to give pirates ransoms mara I dont know what! Nothing positive ever comes out of his mouth.

I am not surprised he wants to go have a feast in Washington DC at OUR expense when people back home are dying of hunger. Yet we were told last week, that only envoys posted to Washington DC will be the ones invited to the fete. What are all these people going there for? African leaders are all fools. Tells you where this government's priority is.

Shiko-Msa said...

Mama it had to be you! Rafiki be warned that this girl sometimes gets radioactive! Better keep some coolants in your blog any time you're doing politics.

The hunger situation is sad sad sad. I was moved to tears by those grandpas in Ukambani going out in search of food only to come back to their grand children empty handed. That was saaaaad. I wished there was something I could do right there and then.

Having Wetangula in Foreign Affairs was a huge mistake. But then again most current ministries are mistakes. What with all the grain and oil cartels fleecing Kenyans of every last cent! Who would think someone can attempt to make money out of maize at this time? ‘Robbing the dying’ is a phrase that was coined during the Margaret Gachara AIDS saga but it applies just as perfectly in this situation.

Foreign affairs would have done with a more cool calm and collected person who can actually talk some sense once in a while. Me thinks even Mwakwere was better than Wetangula in that docket - but I cant afford to put in a good word for Mwakwere either.

eddlove said...

Wetangula shocked me. In the face of hungry Kenyans, In the face of kenyans who cant access medical facilities he said anyang nyong ata lipiwa na ministry yake. gosh these guys are just evil

Rafiki said...

Mama: I also hate most Kenyan politicians, and that's why my blog is mostly NOT about politics, but I just couldn't resist the temptation this time, this is so shocking.

@ Shiko: Thanks for the warning. I hope we can turn her radio-activity into electricity/power, we urgently need some new sources for our power in this country.
I also want to do something to assist these starving people, but I am not sure what would be the best channel to do this. Even Jamelia is fundraising for Kenyan kids!

@ eddlove: You are right, this is ridiculous, whatever Ministry's budget the trips are paid for, it is all the same money (our money).

eddlove said...

but how long will kenyans stand for this shit.

greamhouze said...

Dont even sweat it guys. They will still go anyway

Mama said...

Jamani, you guys want to make me produce electricity? I will, you wait till they make me fume nicely!

Rafiki said...

@ eddlove: You may be right, it could be time for a people's revolution. All great nations had a revolution before they reached greatness.

@ greamhouze: Did you smell some sweat here?

@ Mama: I knew you could do it!

BP 1 said...

What a sad news!!! This is Leadership hypocrisy at its best. Kenyan politics, as usual, is Leadership absent Hypocrisy abound.

Rafiki said...

@ BP 1: Wetangula sings: "I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know what it will cost you. Oh babe I love to go."

gishungwa said...

I was watching news on that day and i was so pissed at this story. How dare they? Shortly after comes a lady who has to breastfeed a child and yet has nothing to eat so no milk coming out.I wonder how some of these people sleep at night. Am so angry at these fools we hired to work for us and now they they don't care about the very people hired then.
At least it rained today, we will keep praying for rain so that the food in our lands revives for our people.

Pathfinder said...

"......Residents brave death everyday to feed on food from dumping sites.
More than 200 families from Kinango and Kaloleni districts have camped at Mwakirunge dumping site in Mombasa to scavenge for food.
When The Standard visited the site yesterday, it found several families waiting for garbage trucks to dump waste then pick edibles" http://www.eastandard.net/InsidePage.php?id=1144004191&cid=4&

Mark you Mombasa is the second capital city and the main port. Shame on the Kenya Government!!! Btw is there really a government in Kenya to a shame?

Rafiki said...

@ gishungwa: The rain that fell in Nairobi was probably very good for the lawns and the gardens of our MPs in Karen and Muthaiga which were drying up a bit, but I am afraid it came a little too late for 10 million starving Kenyans. We can not keep on depending on rain only, and we need to have other things like irrigation, proper storage and handling facilities, subsidies for agricultural inputs, and open agricultural markets so that we can also survive in years with less rain.

@ Pathfinder: Such a shame on the government indeed. Today I even feel ashamed as an ordinary Kenyan for having elected such crooks and for having to ask donors for emergency relief while our resources are being channeled to the pockets of a few individuals..