Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kenyans 3 times sweeter than Tanzanians and Ugandans

If you're a Kenyan, chances are high that you are a sweetie. Actually about three times sweeter than a Tanzanian or a Ugandan.
Why? Because we consume too much sugar! In 2005, per capita consumption of sugar in Kenya was 22.6 kg, while in Tanzania it was only 7.2 kg and in Uganda 9.7 kg. Why are Kenyans consuming 3 times more sugar than their neighbours? I don't know. But I know sugar is not healthy. Dr Nancy Appleton has identified 146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health, one of them being the fact that high refined sugar diet reduces learning capacity. Do we want Kenyans to become dumber than their Tanzanian and Ugandan friends? And something even more worrying can be found here: a person who consumes too much refined sugar can become impotent or have sexual problems and sex related diseases at the age of forty or younger.
We have all made very nice New Year's resolutions for 2009. My resolution is to cut down on sugar consumption: a ban on soda's (after seeing the amount of sugar in Coke here), no sugar in my coffee, and less sugar in my tea. It's been working out very well, at least for these first 10 days of 2009. Let's keep it up.
Are you a sugar addict? Are you a sweetie? And how are your New Year's resolutions doing?


Mama said...

Rafiki! Kenyans to become dumber than Tzians? That would never happen even if we increased our sugar intake how!

I agree sugar is a great enemy to your health. I dont take a lot of sugar myself and I am trying my hardest to cut down on sodas completely. I guess this makes me one of the few Kenyans not sweeter than Ugandans and Tanzanians.

pink m said...

I'm a reformed sweetie so be encouraged. These days I take 1 teaspoon or none in tea, and one soda a week. Cake is the one thing I can't cut out.

All the best with the sugar, with time, you'll start finding sugary tea nauseating and wonder how you took so much sugar.

Dad Mzungu said...

When I am in Kenya, my hosts are amused when I insist on making my own tea, with a little milk and even less sugar.
When I was looking after my girlfriend's son, I made him "English" tea. He would not believe it was tea but liked it so much, he insisted that I take him to England - immediately!

Rafiki said...

@ Mama: What is it then that keeps Kenyans smarter?
Glad to hear you don't take a lot of sugar yourself, I thought I was alone is this battle.

@ pink m: That's a real encouragement indeed. Today, I switched from sugar to honey in my tea (at least at home, most hotelis don't seem to stock honey - yet). More expensive, but apparently quite healthy.

@ Dad Mzungu: That's hilarious! I am surprised he actually liked it.

odegle said...

you remind me, i was to start managing my sugar consumption

Shiko-Msa said...

Pink M haki Cake. I could do with a slice of Black Forest right now. Black forest is probably my worst undoing as far as Sugar is concerned. I hunted for some at Trattoria recently when I passed by Nairobi. Otherwise I don't take sugar in tea and coffee and I've dropped my soda intake.

But Rafiki that site with 146 reasons wameonea sukari aiii. All those evils?! I guess one has to literally wallow in sugar for some time to get to some of those.

That bit about becoming impotent at 40 I know will work to keep people off sugar kabisa Lol. 40! Just when life is supposed to begin? Nothing scares the human race like the likelihood or even the mere mention of sexual problems.

Kenyans dumber naaaaaah. We shall remain as sharp and sweeties as ever - sugar or no sugar.

Dad Mzungu said...

Hi Rafiki
In my limited experience, I have to say that Kenyans are some of the sweetest people I know, (especially my significant other half of course).
Friendly, charming, generous,helpful.
I delight in walking down the road to hear "Hey! Mzungu! Habari?" from total strangers.
It makes me feel very welcome.

Juliet said...

I love sugar. If somehow the doctor had not managed to get in the word edgewise that too much sugar, and chocolate, and alcohol, might be the reason for the once a week horendous migraines I used to get, I'd still be taking a loooooot of sugar in my milky 'tea'.

As for tea, Dad Mzungu please tell them about good tea. We produce tea, and we drink the worst of it, why? Wow. I think my own Daddy has just managed to convert me into a 'proper tea' buff. *shiver*

Rafiki said...

@ odegle: Welcome, now is the time to start! Yes you can!

@ Shiko & pink m: Black Forest Cake is of course exempted from all this. How is the Black Forest @ Trattoria? Better than Java's? I hear Artcaffe's not bad either. To me, the quality of the cherries is very important.
@ Shiko: The government should use the impotency argument in large public health campaigns, maybe it will work. Congrats on your kahawa na chai bila sukari!
Remember some Kenyans are actually dumb! I wonder how much Parliament spends on sugar each year.

@ Dad Mzungu: You are right, (most) Kenyans are very sweet. But are they in fact 3 times sweeter than their Ugandan and Tanzanian counterparts?

@ Juliet: Feel welcome to the community. Don't leave out chocolate please, it has very nice qualities as well, especially pure chocolate (e.g. 72%). I love it!
Sorry about the shivering.

val said...

Me and my family's love for tea...sigh...I have a long-standing bet with my dad to quit the amount of sugar I consume

But I love honey...I put it in everything...even food when cooking..yuummyy

and blackforest...sigh...I need me some PinkM!!

Rafiki said...

@ val: Good luck with the bet. Have you tried honey on spiced fried chicken? So yummy! I prefer honey from Kitui, if it is pure.

val said...

yep..I put honey on chicken...I told loves it!

Rafiki said...

@ val: Please invite me for dinner one day.

Shiko-Msa said...

Rafiki I'm so clueless about Nairobi it hurts. I was looking for a Java or Dormans but had no idea where any of them are. It was on a Sunday and everyone I called to ask was in church or asleep with a hangover. Then I bumped into Trattoria and they had good coffee. Their blackforest was not bad. It had a tad bit too much cream but i was in such a crave i didn't care.

And I went back same place evening for Pizza. Pizza was perfect.

Rafiki said...

Shiko: How could you miss Java and Dormans? There are so many in Nairobi nowadays. Even better are Artcaffe and Savanna. Have they not yet arrived in Mombasa? Google Maps covers Nairobi in detail nowadays, complete with street and building names, that could help you in finding your way here. But someone (pink m?) should come up with an overlay to indicate the best places to eat Black forest.

Shiko-Msa said...

We have only dormans here. No Savanna no Java no artcaffe. But we're getting there....

Rafiki said...

@ Shiko: On the other hand Java, Dormans, Savanna and Artcaffe here in Nairobi should also borrow a leaf from traditions at the Coast. It is very difficult to find a nice masala tea or Swahili coffee here, they rather import macchiatos and cappuccinos from abroad only.

Shiko-Msa said...

There you go. and don't get me started on traditional coast. Vitumbua, vibibi, kashata, mahamri, tambi, mkate wa sinia, kahawa tungu, etc etc

Rafiki said...

Shiko, you should do a post one day on all these delicacies that we Nairobians don't know about.

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