Friday, January 9, 2009

"Awash in human effluvia"

The Bathroom Diaries lets you search through lists of more than 12,000 bathrooms all around the world. Each entry gives the restroom stars for cleanliness, safety, accessibility, aesthetics, facilities etc.

I was quite amused to find the following entry on the Nairobi page of the site:
Modern Green Day and Night Bar, Latema Road
Rating: Horrible
Hours: 24 hours
Gender: long drop
Fee: Free
Comments: May have had running water at one time. Virtually awash in human effluvia. Whilst labeled gender specific, in actual fact men, women and ?? all come and go as they please. Also used for sex by the resident prostitutes. Quite simply, the most disgusting toilets I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.
Although this may look funny at first, it does not really portray a good image about Kenya, does it? Fortunately, there is also a restroom in Kenya which is rated as excellent, namely the one at the Norfolk Hotel:
Norfolk Hotel, near the University
Rating: Excellent
Hours: 24 hours
Gender: Western
Fee: Free
Details: clean, safe, celebrity sightings: Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn) was seen using this restroom.
Comments: The Norfolk is one of the main stopping points for tour groups heading out to the game preserves. The restrooms are just beyond the main desk. Just walk in like you are staying and you'll be fine.
If you happen to find another excellent washroom in Kenya, feel free to add it. It could help rebuild our image abroad while giving fellow Kenyans some good tips.


val said...

Did the writer seriously think they would find a clean bathroom in a "Day and Night Bar"??? Reminds me of places called "Boarding and Lodging"...haha

val said...

I just went to the Bathroom Diaries site...damn!!! Some of those loos are magnificent!!!! Seriously my dream house has just acquired a perfect bathroom..mebe I should move to Singapore

Shiko-Msa said...

Pu! Rafiki blog yako leo inanuka hehehe.

Seriously though who is that desperate for sex to have it in a loo virtually awash with human effluvia? eish!

pink m said...

I love architects considerate enough to design ladies rooms with surfaces to place our bags and what not. In Kenya, these are quite rare.

Rafiki said...

@ val: I could spend hours in that bathroom in Singapore! I wouldn't even mind using it for some of the things some Kenyans do at loos in day and night bars here...

@ Shiko: You are right about my blog, will go back to the good old days soon.
RE: your desperate for sex question: maybe it is coprophilia???

@ pink m: We may have such architects, but do we have the people who can turn their nice dreams into reality?

Shiko-Msa said...


Yeah the Singapore bathroom would be much better for some of these activities.

Rafiki said...

@ Shiko: Coprophilia is one of those words we don't learn in school. The Online Medical Dictionary defines coprophilia as a psychiatric term meaning “a morbid attraction to, and interest in (with a sexual element), fecal matter.” The word itself comes from the Greek words “koprós” (excrement) and "filía" (fondness).
With the recent viral video popularity of 2Girls1Cup, most people got their first glimpse of two people engaged in this activity, as the two women shared with each other this most disturbing pastime. Google can tell you much more if you are really interested, but I am not.

Shiko-Msa said...

Neither am I. But it's always good to know. And you know many as someone noted in a previous post. Lol.

Eish I've read about it on Wikipedia. Yuck! That's not sexual though. That's something else.

Rafiki said...

lol Shiko, I know a little about many things, but not much about this little thing.

Biche said...

This is cool! Thanks for sharing! I love me a clean bathroom and hate it when I go into a bathroom that I expect to be usable only to toilet paper...a mess...and the like.

I'll definitely have a ball adding bathrooms in Kenya that are maintained well - I have a personal list of ones to use when I'm on the run. :-) Hehehehe....

Rafiki said...

@ Biche: Please let us know when you have posted your first bathroom review, I am looking forward to reading it, after having read your excellent reviews of restaurants and other things.