Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Camping with Butterflies and Snakes

Nature Kenya is organizing a camping trip from 5th to 10th November 2008 to Arabuko-Sokoke Forest
Arabuko-Sokoke forest (41,600 hectares) is the largest single block of natural coastal forest remaining in East Africa. Diverse populations of animals are present, which include 250 recorded species of butterfly. The trip will include activities such as bird and nature walks, visits to local communities and trips to Gede and Bio-Ken Snake Farm, housing the largest collection of snakes in East Africa.

Cost: KSh 4,500 per person, including transport from Nairobi, food, camping fee and park fee. Non-members will pay an additional KSh 1,000 for temporary membership. Payment to be made at the Nature Kenya offices at the National Museum in Nairobi (phone numbers: 0722/888178, 0722/336456, 020/3749957/6090.


Shiko-Msa said...

4,500/- including transport from Nairobi, camping fee, and park fee? That's very fair. For a moment there i thought it was a typo.

Now surely we have no excuse if we don't explore our country.

Rafiki said...

Shiko: You should have been to those nice places, being at the Coast?

Shiko-Msa said...

Shame on me Arabuko Sokoke is just around the corner and I've never been there! But I've visited Gede, Mamba Crocodile Farm, Bamburi Nature Trail, Shimoni, Chale Island, and many more places. But I'm not saying hehe.

Fort Jesus is about 3 minutes walk from my office but still never get to go. The history stuff honestly I'm not interested but there's a very nice place to sit overlooking the ocean.

But at least I do go to Mama Ngina drive every once in a while to have lunch and some breeze.

Rafiki said...

Shiko: I have been to Arabuko-Sokoke. I would advise you to go as early as possible in the morning, that's when there is most to be seen.
I also don't understand what's so interesting about Fort Jesus, to me it is just some old stones.
Also what's the big deal about the tusks in Mombasa really?