Monday, September 1, 2008

Yesterday was Blog Day!

Blog Day 2008

One day late, but in some parts of the world it is still August 31st, 2008. So here is my list of five Blogs for Blog Day 2008.

I would like to start with what I call "The Three Musketeers". Though not very new, these are three sites that helped me and many others here in Kenya very much during the challenging times earlier this year. Apart from that, their blogs are still some of the very best in Kenya and a must-read for most of us:

  • tHiNkEr'S rOoM: In the post-election period, M. actually went to KICC, visited polling stations and slums, and actually wrote history. More recent posts have always brought a big smile to my face - great sense of humour.
  • Kenyan Pundit: Ory’s idea, Ushahidi, became one of the most visited and commented on sites dealing with the post-election situation in Kenya. And now, her TED talk is finally up on TED’s website, really a must-see if you are interested in Africa's development.
  • bankelele: On January 5th, 2008, bankelele came up with alternative solutions for Kenya. Bankelele's posts always have a lot of new information, in a condensed but very clear format, something very few bloggers manage to do. Bankele is appreciating his very large readership by always promptly replying to comments.

And then there are two sites that I have started following more recently:

  • The Diary of a Kenyan Campus Girl: Because she honestly loves Alvaro, because she always has interesting stories about love or about Dr T., and because she is able to bring back our own memories of campus life or make us look forward to get one.
  • Mara Triangle Blog: Stories that can take you on a virtual safari to the best of the new world wonders... this Blog makes us all look forward to a real safari to the Mara one day.

A big hug to the big five above for influencing my life in a positive way and a big thank you to all of you - my dearest readers - for your attention.


bankelele said...

thansk for the nomination; i'm usualy non-political, but January was auniqie time

Shiko-Msa said...

Nice list. Although there are some that I've not been frequenting, I will visit them today. This is a nice way of knowing other blogs. We should have one of our own blog day here in Kenya and make the list longer than 5. It's so difficult to choose just 5!

Rafiki said...

Bankelele: you are right, extaordinary times require extraordinary measures.

Shiko: I like your list too. And yes, we need to localize this. I am not sure if Microsoft's idea of hosting a bloggers conference for Kenyan bloggers is the way to go though.

kirima said...

Those first 3 are some of the first blogs I started reading and are some of the most influencial blogs in the Kenyan Blogosphere.
Having been to the Mara this year i have become much more interested in the tales those rangers have to tell.

Rafiki said...

Kirima: Indeed, these three have been around for some time now, and they manage to keep their standards high.
BTW, I love your Mara pics, they are actually better than many on the Mara Triangle Blog...