Monday, September 8, 2008

'Snow' in Kenya

I just found a nice video by Citizen TV on last Tuesday's hailstorm in Gathanji near Nyahururu, which caused locals to travel far and beyond to see it and to throw snowballs at each other. One guy even put some of the 'snow' his bike to take home with him.

"We thought a big white sheet had been spread, so we decided to come and see for ourselves. We thought that it was Jesus who had come back," one villager told reporters.

"In fact this thing is very sweet, we have never seen anything like this. We like the ice so much because with the sun being hot, you take it and you feel satisfied," resident Simon Kimani said.

By the way, Citizen TV's YouTube Channel was launched last month and is now trying to catch up with NTV's YouTube Channel (still a long way to go though: 80 video's currently for Citizen and more than 1,000 video's for NTV). And what about KTN? Do they have a YouTube Channel as well? 


Shiko-Msa said...

Sweet? You take it and you feel satisfied? Ice is water right?

There was one dude who made a snowman. That was funny.

Rafiki said...

These guys were treating ice as it was manna from Heaven.
Even today in Nairobi I saw some few hailballs. Didn't taste them though, I was not that hungry.

Shiko-Msa said...

hahaha Rafiki. You should have put some in a paper bag and carried home.

Seriously this whole hailball rain is quite new. When we were kids there used to be some in our area and we would go out in the rain to catch them but it nothing in the scale of Nyahururu. They were just a few and they usually disappeared so fast.

Now even in Nairobi? What's happening to weather? I hope we're not witnessing the beginnings of a shift in weather patterns.

Rafiki said...

Shiko: If you go to the YouTube site for this video, you can see that it has now become very popular with more than 40,000 Views (while most of the other videos on the kenyacitizentv Channel have less than 100 Views), and there is a lot of discussion going on there with most of the comments related to climate change.