Thursday, September 11, 2008

Envisioning Vision 2030

An interesting article was published today in Business Daily entitled "Kenya turns East for development model". It contains a nice drawing of what Nairobi may look like in 2030:

I am assuming this may be the Mombasa Road of the future. I really like the drawing, and this encouraged me to start looking for other images of what Kenya may look like in 2030. I found this other one in a presentation by Dr Wahome Gakuru of the National Economic & Social Council of Kenya (NESC):

So this may be Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD) in 2030. And here is a computer rendition of what Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) may become in the near future (picture courtesy of

Do you believe Kenya may look like this in 2030? Have you seen any more of these images?


bankelele said...

I think only the 3rd photo (Airport) is realistic. the other two imply a sense of order and discipline that is lacking in our society today (matatus/cars driving on footpaths, haphazard buildings on grabbed land)and these are not fundamentaly addresses in Vision 2030 plans

Shiko-Msa said...

Banks maybe they'll increase the lanes to 6 and the railway system will be operating from underground. You have to try not to think about the railway in it’s current state otherwise that dream too goes down the drain. As for the buildings I guess nothing much can be done unless the grabbers are jailed, the land un-grabbed, and their buildings brought down to make way for skyscraper car parks. How I wish.

Mutula says he plans to change Nairobi to a city that will make Dubai stand up and notice. The Dubai that has built palmtrees and the world map in the sea. Our work here then should be much easier since it'll all be done on land.

Rafiki that Mombasa road has too few cars! I’m hoping by the time Nairobi is in that state, the citizenry shall not still be a walking nation. Certainly not a hungry one.

The pictures are very nice and I wish these plans come to fruition. Or at least a fair fraction of them. And by the way I can’t access the presentation link.

Nairobian Perspective said...

i agree with Shiko-Kenya has good plans but achieving fruition is another especially when grand corruption is not only embraced but rewarded! We thought the young guys would bring in change but they are worse! sometimes they even make decisions that are so backward you an never fathom like making guys walk from Muthurwa!

For now lets enjoy the computer graphics

Kirima said...

Why not!
Its what we want isn't it I think cities in worse condition than Narirobi have been transformed through the collective will of the people and visionary leadership, lets not limit ourselves to the narrowness of the vision of the current leadership.
that said I like the first vision.

Rafiki said...

banks: Let's try to be optimistic, even behaviors can change, we still have more than 20 years to go. Imagine how we have changed over the past few years by the mobile phone revolution.

shiko: Maybe there is an underground as well and that's why we see so few cars on Mombasa Road. Or maybe the picture was taken on a Sunday morning at 6:30 AM. lol
Sorry about the broken link, it should be okay now.

nairobian perspective: Yet we are the guys electing those young thugs... Long live democracy! Or is it democrazy?

kirima: A nice example is Bangkok, with an excellent skytrain. Indeed, why not?

Shiko-Msa said...

Nairobian Lol. Muthurwa. And giving an already ailing railway system to Roy Puffet.

Kirima I love your optimism. I too dream big for Kenya but when leaders are mentioned I get so deflated!

All in all we can comfortably say that things are better than they were a few years back at least. In that spirit, why not?

3nspeaks said...

Its all possible but we have to be cautionary with our expectations...if by 2012 (at least 5 yrs into 2030 plan) we do not see any tangible developments; then there is no reason to dream of 2030.

I feel that the business community has to be an integral part of all plans for Nairobi and Kenya.

Doesn't vision 2030 start with the government tackling related issues such as unemployment and insecurity?

Rafiki said...

3nspeaks: You are very right, the business community should become more fully involved in Vision 2030. It is still too much a government-driven thing. The same critique was given by the World Bank by the way. In addition to that, the Bank is questioning the assumption of 10% growth per year.

Son said... it me, or is there a road through the middle of KICC in the second picture?

Rafiki said...

@ Son: Yes, you are seeing that right, there is a road through the middle of KICC. This gives you direct access to the VIP parking for the revolving restaurant on the top floor. Welcome to Rafiki Kenya, where nothing is impossible!

ex said...

so in order to achieve the second picture lie do they plan to move the now existing C.B.D to the pits of their minds or up root n demolish as they seem to be ridiculously doing along Thika road? What comes to mind is TAX TAX TAX.
nice dream though,but a crappy lie.
3rd picture! may be just... may be.

ex said... order to achieve the 2nd lie..what do the intend to do, move the now existing CBD to the unlit pits of their minds or uproot n demolish as they seem to be ridiculously doing alone thika road? is it jus me or Are the words TAX TAX TAX screaming out.Thought the word planing had an gainful meaning.
vision 2030....more like....lesions 2030.
3rd picture.....aaaah ...may be just may be.

gladysfaith said...

Now that we have started seeing the roads, it's easy to believe that Kenya will be a dream country. God is great!

willis said...

Kenya is not Nairobi fools

Hugh said...

This is fantastic!