Saturday, July 26, 2008

Twende and TN merge

East African Magazines Distribution (EAMD) has acquired TN (Travel News & Lifestyle). Articles from TN will be merged into Twende as of the September 2008 issue. They claim they will marry the best of the two magazines, without losing the essence of either: "all your favourite travel articles in one amazing package".

But less competition in the local travel magazine sector (in fact Twende&TN will almost have the monopoly in this segment) may prove not te be so ideal for the readers, who will have less choice when buying travel magazines. Let's wait and see, but imagine that the Daily Nation and The Standard newspapers would merge, would readers be happy or not?

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Anonymous said...

10th Annual ‘Quest for the Best’ Awards by Twende Magazine!

What a shame that the readers vote the best beach hotel in Tanzania to be a hotel that does NOT have a beach!

Do the awards then really have any credit?