Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Planet, One Tribe? Give me a break!

African Pride Hotels has entered the Kenyan market with the launch of a deluxe city hotel, named Tribe, set to open in August 2008. Situated in Gigiri in Nairobi, the hotel is attached to the Village Market shopping and recreation complex. The hotel claims to offer modern facilities and personal services including wireless internet access, a business center and meeting rooms, a wellness spa, individualized travel services and a well-versed concierge. The design is supposed to be hip and chic, with an emphasis on luxury elements. Rooms feature large LCD TVs, high-speed internet connectivity, open-plan bathrooms with high pressure showers, mood lighting and floor to ceiling mirrors.

The tagline for the hotel "One Planet, One Tribe" looks very inappropriate, given their exorbitant room rates (varying from US$320 per night for a Standard Room to US$990 per night for the Presidential Suite). I mean, how many people from how many tribes on this planet can afford to stay in such an expensive room? One Planet, One Tribe? Give me a break!


Anonymous said...

guys they claim their staffs are the highest well paid,i do work there it another "give me a break" peanuts is what i can tell you fox out there.
service charge @ a 6% rate that translating to 3403/= per month.
/this is atotal joke we are moving out one by one n they will bear us witness,

Rafiki said...

@ Anonymous: I am sorry to hear that. I visited recently and I found the staff to be very professional, friendly and well trained. Also, reviews on confirm the same. So it is really a pity that staff are only getting peanuts while doing an excellent job.
Have you talked to your management about this issue? If they don't want to listen to your grievances, you could launch a campaign through media such as the Internet, which is very strong in Kenya at the moment.